Mar 17

Very rarely do I go off topic, but having just recently turned 50, I have been paying extra special attention to women who are in their 50′s and 60′s.

And, as a plus size woman, I want to feel and look my best not only at any size but every age!

I have noticed most recently that there is evidence of women who are aging  gracefully.   As the baby boomers move through the population, I think we will see more and more positive examples what ageless, timeless beauty looks like and see examples of those who gracefully age and strive to look their best without plastic surgery.

The past three Oscar winners Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren and Sandra Bullock have shown us that age, achievement and beauty are simply stunning!   At 62, Meryl Streep was the oldest woman ever to grace the cover of a recent Vogue Magazine!

I was most impressed when I heard Model and Author Valerie Ramsay talk about how life is a series of beginnings and that you can look and feel your best at any age!

The message: Let’s get real.  Plastic surgery isn’t all that it is cracked up to be.  We can and must allow ourselves to age beautifully and we can be real, confident, involved and excited about what’s ahead!

More as it happens! Jodell

Feb 5
Fashion Flash February
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Hi! It’s Fashion Flash February as Black Cat Plus plays host to the latest and greatest from our favorite bloggers.  Read what’s in the news this week!


Female Fat Loss Over 40, Shawna K, loves ‘workout finishers‘, you can read all about this cool way to drop fat quickly in a super short amount of time.


The Spring Beauty Collections have popped up everywhere and vibrant shades of pink and coral are the focus.  Fab Over Forty shares with us some of the most wearable beauty Spring Collections for women over 40.


What do you wear to a casual sporting event to look like a stylish spectator? The Glam Gals have the perfect fashion solution at Fabulous after 40.


“Déjà Pseu observes that denim at the office isn’t just for Fridays anymore…”


Staness talks about women’s health.  ”This is a dangerous time for women’s health. The last year has seen unprecedented attacks on women’s access to care and on the fundamental right of every woman to make her own medical decisions.  YOU can make a difference, so your daughter has the same health rights as you. Support women’s health today.”

History has shown us that the quest for ultimate beauty is nothing new – it’s just gotten more high tech. Even in antiquity, dating back many thousands of years, famous beauties – including Cleopatra – searched the world over for the best beauty “treatments.” Jackie Silver from shows you that great skin is as close as your doctor’s office with today’s cutting-edge lasers.

Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog  takes a close look at anti-aging  properties of yogurt.

And, over at Black Cat Plus, we are getting ready to go to our trade shows in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada for MAGIC, WINN, MODA, and more so we can bring you the latest in plus size Spring Fashions for 2012 and give you a sneak peek at Fall 2012, stay tuned!


Apr 25

Yes, it’s Fashion Flash Monday!

Check out the No Nonsense Beauty Blog for the latest tips from our cadre of talented bloggers!

No Nonsense Beauty heralds the book, The Small Change Diet from one of her favorite nutritionists, Teri Gans, who discusses how to identify making small changes in your diet that add up! Great and practical info!

As usual, great info! Take a peek!

Mar 7

This week’s Fashion Flash is hosted by the No Nonsense Beauty Blog!  The author, Deb is a wonderful health and beauty writer who has written 12 books including The Medically Based No-Nonsense Beauty Book, Fruit Acids for Fabulous Skin, and Every Bride is Beautiful.

Check out the Fashion Flash this week from No Nonsense Beauty!

Feb 28

Well, rounding out the Fashion Flash for February is hosted by none other than JoJami Tyler and Deborah Boland, the authors of FabulousAfter40.  With their blog, you’ll see it is true that life begins after 40!

Your authors, JoJami and Deb are  image coaches with expert tips on beauty and fashion.

Be sure to check out their newest post on how to wear the latest trend of color blocking, this season’s hottest look! Love the pics and explanation of this sure-to-be hottest trend and how to make it work for you!

Stay tuned for more Fashion Flash news as we head on into Spring!  We are learning a lot! How about you? And, we hope you are having as much fun reading all of our friend’s posts as we are!