May 2

Diet supplement company Protein World, has attracted widespread criticism, with billboards which talks about getting beach body ready.  Many billboards have had graffiti written all over them and plus size brands and customers are up in arms amid concern over the advertising’s effect on body image.

This billboard by plus size retailer Simply Be, is a parody of the campaign showing the “curvy” size 14 model Jocelyn Corona in a bikini will be displayed along the escalators and platforms of Knightsbridge station in London.

It is great that companies and plus size women are no longer willing to accept the status quo for defining what is beautiful or in this case, beach body ready.

Dec 9

The We. Women project is a wonderful project with wonderful photos.


The goal:  How is a “beautiful” woman defined?

Neringa Rekasiute’s photo spread attempts to answer this question.  Through her work she is trying to give women back their power to decide what qualities are inherent in a beautiful woman.


The project started with a sketch drawn by Beata Tiskevic, who is an actress and TV  host in Lithuania.

“Beata showed me this drawing of a woman looking into the mirror and there were words written on her body: the words which throughout her life she heard addressed about her ‘imperfect’ body. Beata and I had been discussing extensively how much Lithuania needs an empowering project for women,” Rekasiute said. This was it. “I told her, ‘We have to do it.’”

Using social media, the team invited women to share images of themselves in their underwear and to share their story.  Selections were made from those images and stories.  The photo shoot allowed the 12 selected women to confront their insecurities and  types of destructive behaviors such as bulimia, anorexia, fat-shaming, skinny-shaming, violence from men, and negative self-perception.  They wanted to bring women’s bodies into the forefront to see them in a different light.

I think the most important that the project does is to serve as a reminder that having a positive body image is empowering.


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Oct 20

Flattering and inspiring?  Insulting and Bragging?

Photo: Mike Byerly Courtesy Maria Kang

Wow!  Over 16 million views on Facebook and over 12,000 comments, Posters and bloggers have accused Fitness Instructor Maria Kang, 32, of “fat shaming,” claiming her photo suggests that all women can look like her if they just work hard enough.

I would love to look like that! But, am I willing? Is my body type able?  A lot of questions.  Each one of us has our own answers…What else matters? I am inspired by women who are fit.  Inspired by women of ALL shapes and sizes as they inspire me to be the best that I can be.

What do you think?

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Oct 14

A national survey conducted by plus size retailer, Sonsi revealed that the perception of her own body image is holding the plus size woman back.  The survey of 1000 women sizes 14+ pointed to a confidence gap.   While the majority of plus size women say they believe that beautiful bodies come in all shapes and sizes, fewer than half of the women surveyed embrace their own  curves.


gilleskleinFoterCC BY-SA

“With plus size women gracing the pages of leading fashion magazines as well as the runways at New York Fashion Week, curvy women should feel good that they finally have a voice,” said Kristin Mongello, Sonsi Director of E-commerce.  ”But surprisingly a majority of curvy women say they still lack the confidence to dress more fashionably.  It really comes back to body image.”

Interestingly enough, the survey also revealed that they prefer to find inspiration among their plus size peers and from plus size icons such as Melissa McCarthy.  They are embracing advertising, blogs and runway shows as well.

Sonsi offers a Curvy Quotient Test along with the on line Boost Your CQ resources will help them on their path to finding their own fashion style.

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Oct 11

The Stories Project is a place where women can share inspiring stories and messages about body positivity.

These videos are sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, but they all have one thing in common: “body positivity.”

BeauCoo states, “By sharing their thoughts about clothes, media, and self-image, women can encourage others to live a more body positive life and inspire each other to be voices for change. Through video and social media, we hope women will transform body positivity into a global movement.”

BeauCoo also wants women to take The Body Positive Pledge.   The pledge gives women a chance to publicly pledge their support of body positivity and shows a commitment to becoming a body positive warrior and encourages them to stand up against body shaming, stand up for women, and stand shoulder to shoulder to share the message of body positive to anyone and everyone.

Great idea! Take the pledge now!

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Mar 27

Once again, the use of a plus size mannequin has stirred debate about fashion, obesity and body image.  The Swedish department store Ahlens has a mannequin that represents the curvier woman with its rounded stomach and larger bust line.

The store’s choice has sparked debate about whether the use of mannequins are encouraging women to be at an unhealthy weight or whether it is good for a woman’s body image to see a mannequin that represents the average size of today’s women.

It is interesting that this debate comes at a time when many countries such as Britain and Spain, are placing limits to designers as to what size models can be used to represent their clothing lines.    However, I believe it is a smart move for retailers who are trying to appeal to women who are interested to see accurate representations of their size.   What do you think?  Check out this week’s Fashion Flash from Fab Over Forty!


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Oct 25

Promoting obesity or body image acceptance?

A young plus-sized college student, Stella Boonshoft 18, posted a photo online of herself in her underwear has come under some criticism for promoting obesity — although plenty have also jumped to her defense and continued the on-going debate about body image .

Stella wrote, “This is my body deal with it.”  Underneath the photo, she wrote,

‘WARNING: Picture might be considered obscene because subject is not thin. And we all know that only skinny people can show their stomachs and celebrate themselves. Well I’m not going to stand for that. This is my body. Not yours. MINE.

Enough said!

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Oct 12

Well, it seems as though plus models cannot win! The October ‘Love Your Body’ issue of PLUS Model Magazine says that body shaming is prevalent  and devotes its October issue to putting an end to body shaming.

One quote from the editorial, “Body shaming is on the rise in the plus size industry. Smaller models are verbally based for not being “plus” enough. Larger models are scolded for being too big.”

The spread’s objective is  to represent all those who have been shamed or bullied for their size.  Tastefully done, the image above shows models wearing little more than high heels and jewelry.

Each photo comes with the message that no one is safe from body shaming, and that body shaming hurts everyone.  Especially relevant since TV anchorwoman Jennifer Livingston was criticized from being overweight. People just feel that they have the right to comment on someone’s appearance.  It’s wrong and it has to stop, let’s get to the real reasons why this happens to the extent it does.

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Jul 11

I was watching this video on the NBC Today Show showing that the perfect bikini body is bigger and better!  How times change?

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Advertisers urged women to gain weight before hitting the beach!


Different standards or what?

Today, there is a disconnect with images we see in magazines and the “real beach body.”

It is time we match what is real with perception.   Women are bigger now than they were in those vintage ads!

What do you think?

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Jul 9

Congratulations to 14-year-old Maine ballet dancer Julia Bluhm who led a crusade against having altered photos in Seventeen Magazine.

Seventeen Magazine Editor Ann Shoket has promised in the new issue to leave body shapes alone, reserving Photoshop for the stray hair, clothing wrinkle, errant bra strap or pimple.  If the magazine does have to manipulate images, it will post before and after shots on the magazine’s Tumblr page.

Skoket promises are included in a “body peace treaty” which commits Seventeen to featuring healthy girls and models regardless of clothing size. The peace treaty focuses on having a positive body image.

Maybe, just maybe things are changing and young girls and women won’t have to feel self-conscious about their bodies in years to come.

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