Jan 10

Emily Brickel Edelson, the talented artist behind Chic Sketch, a fashion-forward mobile app that converts photos into Instagrammable fashion sketches in a matter of minutes, has forever captured these memorable moments in time.

Below you will find The Top 10 Best Fashion Moments of 2015 from Chic Sketch – as sketched personally by Emily!

Rihanna’s Yellow Met Gala Dress

Caitlin Jenner’s Vanity Fair Cover

Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood Squad

Kendall Jenner & Gigi Hadid

Zoolander Take-over During Paris Fashion Week

Givenchy Comes to NY Fashion Week

Lily Rose Depp Lands Chanel Campaign

Balmain for H & M

Mishanoo Instagram Show

Grace Jones at Afro Punk



Jan 2

Here is a quick review of the hot topics for 2015 and what we hope will be front and center in the plus size fashion industry for 2016.

Since we now have talked the term plus size to death….perhaps the industry will either come to terms with the label or create a new way to discuss the plus size fashions that range from sizes 12W-24W.

Plus size models DO NOT encourage people to be plus size, they encourage people to accept themselves as they are.   I love the fact that we are seeing more and more plus size models in with other models.  It signals acceptance. I was brought up in a time when we were shamed about our plus size figures.  My hope is that the younger generation thinks differently and acts confidently without regard to size.

From Ava & Viv, Target’s new line to Melissa McCarthy’s Seven Line, and Beth Ditto’s upcoming line this year, we are excited to see as more and more designers are thinking about plus size women for all shapes and sizes.  It is a good sign.  What I am concerned about is still the lack of plus size fashions for 40+ women….


While it is hard to predict the future, I do believe the plus size industry is poised for greatness this year.  Let’s think fashion forward for 2016.

Happy New Year!



Dec 20
Holiday Fashion Flash
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Happy Holidays to All as Black Cat Plus hosts this week’s holiday edition of Fashion Flash!


Inka of goes Christmas shopping in Barcelona/Spain. In a converted bull ring, no less.


Society Wellness shares the advice a holistic veterinarian gives to a pet owner, that applies to humans too!

Check out these warm, holiday metallic eye look for hooded eyes from Notes from my Dressing Table.

Barbara Hannah Grufferman, author of THE BEST OF EVERYTHING AFTER 50 and AARP YouTube Host, was on the Today show chatting about how to beat the holiday blues. Check out her best tips.


Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog looks at the benefits of  a popular herb in moisturizers and cleansers.


Beth from Style at a Certain Age talks about how to Punch up your holiday party duds with pink.

Take Charge Of Your Health Now! Maximize chances of health into old age. Mirabai Holland Certified Health Coach & Exercise Physiologist from offers a  simple formula.

It’s almost New Year’s Resolution time! Jackie Silver from says, “Add stop aging to your list” and she shows you how.


The holidays can be exhausting, Prime Beauty has 5 Essential Tip For Your Bedtime Routine!

Chic at any Age discusses The elegant beauty of Pearl Earrings.  Timeless!



Don’t forget the cat this holiday season!

From Black Cat Plus Blog: The SansBug Pop Up tent is a great item for every cat owner! It can be used for a mom with newborn kittens or to keep a sick cat contained or just for fun so your cat can play hide-and-seek.  The pop up tents come in three sizes for one person, for two people or with a width of six feet!  The smallest size can fit into an overhead compartment.  I must admit I was a bit nervous to put the tents together, but it is easier if you watch the video. Prices range from $49 t0 $99 and are available at

Also, a gift for kitty to enjoy is Meow Box.  Your cat will have such fun with the contents of Meow Box! Choose from three subscription options for one month, three months or six months and you will be able to have some great items for your cat to try! Pricing options range from $22.95-$32.95.  This is a fun package to get in the mail.  Box comes personalized to your cat’s likes and has a cute note for kitty inside.





Dec 5

I was talking with a colleague of mine this past week.  She is not a plus size but does purchase plus size clothing for family members.  Her comments were very encouraging, especially from someone who is a consumer and in a sense an observer of the plus size clothing trends. Sometimes when you are used to seeing plus size clothing, it does not dawn on you that yes, there has been a progression.

The addition of a plus size model to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the inclusion of plus size models in major fashion magazines such as Elle and Vogue, the addition of celebrity lines such as Melissa McCarthy’s,  the numerous plus size blogs and mainstream designers adding plus size lines to their offerings is an indication that we have come a long way.   Plus size clothing that is made with the full figure woman in mind and is actually figure flattering is a real welcome addition.

While we still have a ways to go, it is encouraging to hear that other people are noticing it too.

Let’s see what 2016 has to offer!!


Check out this week’s Fashion Flash from Aging Backwards

Nov 1

Prime Beauty explains why you need a Concealer Wardrobe!


Barbara Hannah Grufferman, author of THE BEST OF EVERYTHING AFTER 50, thinks every woman should have one of THESE in her closet. Here’s why . . .

Melanie from Society Wellness brings us up to speed on the topic of common allergens. These are the foods in our diets that will most likely sabotage our best health.

Lose Weight: Talk Yourself Thin! Mirabai Holland Certified Exercise Physiologist & Health Coach from shows and tells you how.

If you can’t design and build them, then sell them.  That’s how architect Bissera Antikarov survived the 2008 economic breakdown and created the blueprint for her own personal redesign.  

If you are contemplating a trip to Europe this winter check out some warm waterproof coats that will protect you from the chilly winds.




Aug 27

Here’s a run-down of on trend items to wear to a casino.

Every woman deserves to look beautiful and feel classy no matter what size she is as she heads out to a night at the casino but it can be tricky to know how to style yourself elegantly if you’re not used to it. By picking flattering cuts and colours in plus sized dresses you can feel just as amazing as you look so read on if you’re looking for a timeless look for a casino trip.

Let’s face it, the little black dress looks great on everyone and you can’t go wrong with this chic little number. Finding the right dress can be easy if you think about which areas you’d like to emphasise whether it’s your killer legs or beautiful waist line. Pick a plus sized dress that’s classically tailored with a long skirt to feel like Audrey Hepburn or go for a shorter number to make your look fashion forward. Match a little black dress with some beautiful sparkling accessories that will look great as you roll the dice.

If you’re looking for a dress that’s got more detail then consider a stunning gown with lots of sparkles and embroidery. Pair a gown like this with a stole or some lovely evening wear gloves to really bring the whole look together. You’ll feel like a queen in some of these gowns and you can feel confident when you walk into the casino.

Plus sized women who don’t want to get all dressed up can simply night out at an online casino, for this the outfit can be anything you want from your favourite pyjamas to some lounge gear. It’s great to get dressed up but sometimes it’s even better to have a night in.

So now you’ve got your perfect dress what are you going to wear with it? Think about everything from your shoes to your hair to get that Hollywood style cohesive look. If you’re wearing a dress that just skirts the floor make sure your shoes aren’t too high or it could become an ankle length number. If you have wider feel shop for special wide fit shoes that will keep your feet comfortable the whole night long as you don’t want your poker face to be compromised by some blisters.

Casino nights are all about class so you’ll want to jazz up your outfit with some beautiful faux or real jewel accessories. Cuffs and chokers look fantastic with elegant dresses but be careful you don’t over accessories, if you’re wearing one piece of statement jewelery don’t attempt to add many others.

Also add evening gloves to your outfit to really ramp up the class factor, you can find plus sized gloves online so you won’t feel uncomfortable.

Lastly bear in mind that casino nights are all about having fun and relying on Lady Luck to bring you a win. Feeling confident and beautiful is the key to a great night out so make sure you pick an outfit that makes you feel like a million dollars.





Jun 7


We are excited to present the Fashion Flash for Summer.  We know you will love all of the information that they have to share!


Chic at Any Age talks about the alkemistry of jewellery. Why are we attracted to certain gemstones as opposed to others. Learn more.

Barbara Hannah Grufferman, author of THE BEST OF EVERYTHING AFTER 50 and AARP YouTube Channel Host, wants every woman to know that great skin can be yours! All you need are the right tools: sunscreen, moisturizer and THIS MAGIC POTION!

Have you tried beauty oils yet? Cindy over at Prime Beauty found two budget friendly beauty oils with powerful skincare ingredients and they come in a convenient rollerball!

What do Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt and Kate Middeleton  have in common?  They all have to deal with eczema and  Deb of No-Nonsense  Beauty Blog will explore   the causes and care of this  all too common skin problem.

Traveling at all this summer?  Terry Leary and Nancy Bergman did enough of it in their first lives that they decided to buy the hotel and settle down in Nicaragua.  Now that’s some second life!

Inka of glamourgrannytravels felt like a princess on board a traditional dhow, gliding along Muscat’s stunning shoeline in Oman.

Midlife blogger Pamela Lutrell interviews a FASHION LEGEND about reinvention and designers who like our age group!

Do you know your best colors for summer? Jackie Silver from explains that it doesn’t matter if you’re a “summer” or a “winter” – here’s the real way to find your true colors.

Clicking Joints: Should I worry? What are those clicking, popping and crackling sounds in my joints? Mirabai Holland Certified Exercise Physiologist and Health Coach gives you the answer.

Melanie and Michelle from Society Wellness are inviting all of us to join them in their 3rd annual cardio challenge. The dates are June 13th – 25th. If you are in need of some friendly and supportive motivation to step up your cardio workout, this is it!

Over at Black Cat Plus, Summer is coming for sure with events, weddings and more.  Check out our Simply Silk items for weddings and occasion wear!

Mar 2

How many more weeks of Winter?  Stay warm and cozy and read these Fashion Flash posts from all of our FF Bloggers!

What to avoid the road to Frumpytown?  Read these thoughts from fashion and style blogger, Pamela Lutrell

Can a vegetarian diet  lead to more  wrinkles?  Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog tackles the question.

Look Fabulous at any age with this make-up range specially formulated for mature skins.

DivaDebbi is a Personal Shopper professionally, so she loves to rehash the best and worst of the Red Carpet during awards season.

See her loves and loathes and if your agree, here.

The Sport Illustrated annual swimsuit issue is out….a sign that Spring can’t be too far off!  What supermodel graced that cover three times?  And guess what she’s doing now in her second life!

I’ve responded to sneaker stimuli, bought myself some new ones and shared my formula for sneaker shopping and how to pick yours at Moving Free With Mirabai.

Barbara Hannah Grufferman, author of “The Best of Everything After 50,” thinks full brows are the best way to look modern, fresh and ready for Spring . . . and here’s how to get them!



Society Wellness explains how supplements are measured, and what measurements to look for when purchasing different kinds of supplements.

Your type of beauty shows up in your facial features, body language, thoughts, feelings, behavior tendencies, and personality. Prime Beauty has partnered with makeover expert, Carol Tuttle to help you find your unique style! Prime Beauty is giving away a Dressing Your Truth online course worth $297! Find out which of the 4 beauty types you are, what colors look best on you and how to dress for your figure and personal style!

And, over at Black Cat Plus, take a look at our sale page! We are clearing out for new things!

Feb 19

Here are three key pieces to keep you feeling warm and cozy this Winter!   Think dresses with tights, your favorite pair of leggings and a cozy tunics and vests you are all set!   Cool blues is the key color tone this Winter!    Mix and match and you will be right in style.

A dressed up favorite in royal blue to brighten up your day, with this Ming Wang Royal Blue and Black Dress.  Put on your black tights and heels and accessorize with gold or silver jewelry and you are all set for day and evening.

Don’t forget the leggings.  As seen on Kathie Lee and Hoda on the Today Show, these Lysee Leggings serve as shape wear and leggings and can be paired with any of your favorite tunics.

The Delaney Cowl Tunic from Parsley and Sage is so popular we have ordered it several times!  This tunic is great to wear for work or play.  Don’t forget your tights or leggings and you are all set!

Layer, layer and layer.  This Madison Cowl Vest from Comfy USA is the perfect piece for layering and for a comfortable look.

Check out this week’s Fashion Flash from No nonsense Beauty blog.

Jan 11
Fashion Flash Winter Edition
icon1 BlackCatPlus | icon2 BlackCatPlus News | icon4 January 11, 2015| icon32 Comments »


Happy 2015!  Here’s the latest and greatest from our Fashion Flash bloggers!

Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog has a great solution to winter dry skin and hair.


Chic at any Age talks about how the addition of a new bag or some chic underwear is a great way to spice up your January wardrobe.

Cindy over at Prime Beauty discusses the newest trends in hair washing. See which one is right your hair!

Fashion blogger, Pamela Lutrell gives us three questions to ask before we copy what a mannequin is wearing!


Another good reason to quit smoking in 2015: Jackie Silver from discovers that smoking is worse for women than men.

Barbara Hannah Grufferman, author of the best-selling essential roadmap to positive aging —  The Best of Everything After 50 — knows the secret to getting unstuck so you can build your best life, no matter what your age. Get those garbage bags ready . . .

Top Ten Fitness Tips for 2015 Mirabai Holland, Women’s Health & Fitness Expert gives advice how to make those New Year Fitness Resolutions come true!

B12 shots are popular this time of year when there is an increase of people going on weight loss or detox programs to support their New Years resolutions. Often times B12 shots are suggested as part of a plan, but are they worth it? Society Wellness gives us the information we really need to know.

And, over at Black Cat Plus, we are making room for Spring 2015.  Check out the latest!



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