Jan 12

Make the Most of What You Got: Fashion Tops for Full Figured Women

Most of us will recall standing in front of the mirror as a teenager and praying for bigger breasts. A few of us were lucky enough to have those prayers answered, but those with plenty up top often find it difficult to find clothing that fits well. A big bust demands attention and is a symbol of sexuality that has the ability to bring grown men to their knees. If you are one of the lucky ones, then you are already well aware of your bosom’s almost magical powers. Showing just a hint of cleavage is more than enough to spice up an otherwise dull outfit. However, there are some occasions when it’s better to keep your best feature under wraps. The following collection of tops will ensure you look your best for every occasion.

Wraparound Tops

This style of top is extremely versatile and can be played down for the office or dressed up for a night on the town. If you’re worried about flashing too much cleavage, a small tank top worn underneath will preserve your modesty. Wraparound styles also make fantastic evening dresses. The new collection from navabi.us has some on-trend designs that will look fantastic on big busts.


V-Neck Tops

Show off what you’ve got with a deep V-neck top such as this flattering Nora top by Art of Cloth that provides the perfect frame for your enviable assets. The right bra is crucial to getting this look right as one that doesn’t fit or boosts you up too much will make you look trashy. If you’re extra-large, avoid push-up bras that will look overly sexy. Too-tight bras that cut into the sides of your body or create the dreaded “four-boob effect” are a big no-no. Also make sure that your bra strap sits at the same level all the way around your body and is not riding up your back.



Corsets are a great option for big busts, but as with V-neck tops be careful not to overdo it. Corsets will lift and enhance your bust and bring in your waist giving the perfect hourglass figure and look terrific underneath a trendy blazer.


Floaty Tops

For a carefree, feminine look, a floaty top such as this Kaftan top from Sienna Rose in a delicate fabric worn over a pair of skinny jeans is a wonderful option. Experiment with loud patterns and different textures to create a multitude of different looks. This style of top is usually low cut to balance out the extra fabric and is a great way to show some cleavage while still creating an elegant effect.

Shawls and Blazers

Draping a shawl around your shoulders is a classy way to cover up in chilly weather, or you could simply use a patterned silk scarf as a way to add some style to your outfit. Those who prefer a more modern look can team their top with a fitted blazer such as this blazer from Neon Buddha and skinny jeans for an ultra-trendy look.

However you decide to drape your bust, confidence is the key to pulling off any outfit. Feeling comfortable with your body is the first step on the path to finding your own individual style, so spend some time searching for the perfect outfit that you believe looks best for your shape.


Janice Carlson loves women’s fashion. She enjoys writing about flattering wardrobes and new trends on style blogs.

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Jun 14

From June 13th to June 16th 2012, Full Figure Fashion Week 2012 is the place to be for all things plus size.

An event that is truly focused on the plus size community, it is a celebration of plus size women.  I truly applaud everyone involved in this event! We need more like it!

With panel discussions, workshops, fashion show and exhibitors, this is truly a ground-breaking event that gets better every year.

FFF Week is produced by DeVoe Signature Events (DSE), FFFW is the world’s first event to promote independent fashion designers, retailers, event producers, models and plus industry businesses. The event was created to increase economic development in the area of plus size fashion design, clothing merchandising and plus modeling.

By the way, this week’s Fashion Flash is being hosted by Shawna! Female Fat Loss Over Forty! Check it out!

Mar 30

Full Figured Fashion Week™ (FFFWeek) is going to be in New York City for its fourth year!

Events include a fashion showcase, panel discussions, fitness classes and sample and boutique sales.


The event is produced by DeVoe Signature Events (DSE), a boutique events management company with an extensive background in the production of fashion related events and a strong and effective mix of proven plus industry experience and success.

With over 15 years experience in fashion show production, Gwen DeVoe, CEO of DSE, Creator and Executive Producer of FFFWeek says, “It is time for designers, retailers, boutique owners and businesses with an interest in the plus size market to combine their resources and talents and partner with a plus fashion event that will rival other Fashion Weeks and Full Figured Fashion Week™ IS that event.”

Stay tuned for more information on FFFW!

Apr 7

This spring, fashion trends for the petite, full-figured woman are all about elongating and flattering the form.  A slimmer silhouette can be achieved through longer lines and making sure that clothes fit- this spring, tailoring is in.  Lengthening a petite form gives the illusion of more height and clothes that fit perfectly are more flattering to a curvy figure.  By following these basic guidelines you can lengthen and flatter your figure while still feeling light and springy.

Soft, flowing styles: Simple, versatile, and fresh are all components of a great spring wardrobe.  Romanticism is in with light, airy knits that drape and flatter the figure.  Check out this Floral Cape from Cover Charge–a great example of romantic, texture and a print that works!

Longer hemlines: these can actually do wonders for a shorter frame if you add some height.  This can be done by showing a little skin- in this case it would be a little leg.  Skirts such as this Comfy USA  Slim Skirt that goes to just below the knee are ideal.  You can also add in some fabulous wedge sandals to complete the look and add even more height.

Prints: While this spring is a print-heavy season, it is not necessarily always the best option for petite, full-figures.  Another option: texture can be a better option than print in certain circumstances.  If you do decide to go for prints, however, choose low contrast, monochromatic prints or smaller prints.  You can pair these with a cardigan or cover up from the same color family for a completed look.  Be sure to only have one patterned piece per outfit.

Whites and brights: White is another popular spring fashion trend, but all-white may not the best option for the petite, full-figured shape.  Instead, try cobalt blues or darker versions of the bright colors that are in this season.  Putting bold colors on top such as our fave Neon Buddha’s Slash Collar Tunic paired with darker bottoms is a great way to draw the eye up and accentuate the face.

Wedge heel: Wedges are one of the best ways to make the leg look longer.  You don’t even need to have that much of a heel, unless you want to- just enough to create the illusion of more length.  Wedge sandals such as these UGG cork wedge sandals are particularly popular this spring.

Statement accessories: Stay away from big jewelry because the contrast will only serve to make you look shorter and will add bulk.  Stick with medium-size to small jewelry instead.  Long, layered necklaces and pendants are the best option.  Accessorizing with color is always a great idea, but be sure to only have one statement color piece per outfit.  Belts are also a great way to accessorize.  In the case of a full-figure, stick to mid thickness belts that accentuate, but don’t cinch the waist.

Wider legs: Bell bottoms and flares will rarely do the trick.  This season stick to straight legs such as our most popular pant this season our super slim pants from Comfy USA that create longer lines and length.  Avoid super skinny legged pants as they serve to accentuate the fullness of the hips and butt.

About our guest blogger and author: Jenni Sunde is a freelance fashion writer and pop culture junkie. As one of the editors with a fashion careers blog, Jenni specializes in all things fashion-related.

From designer profiles, to careers in fashion Jenni loves to write and explore all facets of style. With her love of art and all things beautiful, she delights in sharing her sense of style from her closet to your computer monitor.

Aug 19

Full figure shapewear can complete your look from that special party dress to your favorite pencil skirt to your jeans. Today’s technological advances make for a perfect compliment for plus size women when it comes to choosing and wearing their shapewear. Gone are those bulging seams and heavy boning with yesterday’s shapewear garments that can produce unnatural contours as well as thick nylon and power mesh layers that move unflattering inches to other parts of the body. Seamless, heat sealed technologies along with fabrics that feature feather light, breathable control panels that move with your body and feels like a second skin, is a welcome addition to any outfit.

It is possible to find full figure shapewear garments to flatter and show off your curves. After all, it is no one’s business but your own what parts of your body you don’t want to advertise! There are a variety of plus size shapewear garments that look and feel wonderful and go with your curves providing a flattering silhouette underneath dresses, skirts and jeans!

Some tips to keep in mind when selecting the shapewear garment of your choice:

  • Measure: Make sure you know which areas you want to target and get accurate measurements of those areas so you can find the right size based on manufacturer specs. As with apparel, each shapewear manufacturer’s sizing is different, so do pay close attention to their size charts.
    • Fit: Getting shapewear that is too big or too tight will negate the affect you are trying to create. Ever have your shapewear twisted? To ensure that your shapewear will stay in place and that the seams and panels will be straight. Step into the legs of the garment, pull up until you reach the point where you would like your shaper to begin. As you pull the garment up and over your torso, simply un-gather the shapewear. Once you have your shapewear on, sit down, bend and stretch. If you feel a binding area, readjust. Your shapewear must be comfortable while sitting as standing. And whatever you do, do not buy your shapewear one size too small. A smaller garment will not hold you in MORE or give you more control it will just make you unnecessarily uncomfortable. Instead, go up to the next level of control. (If you have moderate control go to a firm control garment). Shapewear make you hot? Look for pieces that have a cotton blend so that the garment can breathe and you can feel more comfortable. Make sure that your waist stays in place and does not move or roll over, as it may be an indication that you will need another size or that your shapewear has been broken down and needs to be replaced. Your shapewear should not have any wrinkles or bulges and make sure that you have a proper fit in the crotch as well.
      • Control Level: Shapewear comes in a variety of control levels: from light to very firm. These control levels allow you to choose the amount of support that’s right for you. In some instances, control top pantyhose or a full or just a half slip can provide about the same support as light control shapewear garments. Moderate control provides extra smoothness with light control panels. You should be able to move around comfortably for the day or evening activities when wearing moderate control shapewear garments. Using current technological advances, firm and extra firm shapewear garments are comfortable and provide the most support and control. However, in some instances you may not be able to wear them all day long.
        • Desired Target Area: Not all shapewear is created equal. Each shapewear piece is designed to target a specific area or areas: tummy, thigh, waist, buttocks, or all over coverage. Choosing the right garment depends upon how much control you desire and which area you want to focus on.
        • Below is a synopsis of each target body area along with the corresponding shapewear pieces you can choose from. Note: Each shapewear piece depends upon what you are wearing over it and what area (s) you want support and control.
          1. Tummy- If you want to focus on your tummy and midriff area and give the illusion of flat stomach and rock hard abs, choose from a cami shaperpanty shaper or tummy shaper.  

        1. Thighs, Waist and Buttocks-If you wish to shape the thigh area, lift the buttock area, narrow your hips and minimize your waist, choose froma boxer shaper, high waist boxer shaper or legging shaper. If you are a pear shape, make sure your shapewear piece has extra support in outer thighs and buttocks.

        1. All Over Coverage When you need all over trimming and toning consider a boxer body shaper or high waist boxer shaper if you want to or need to wear your own bra.

          Finding the right full figure shapewear garment will provide the “foundation” for every item in your wardrobe and give you the opportunity to improve the way your clothes fit and feel! Shapewear gives you the option to wear your garments in the most flattering way possible! Shapewear gives you the option to wear your garments in the most flattering way possible! After all, it’s not about what size you wear it’s how you wear your size!