May 24

It is wonderful to see that Tess Holliday, a size 22 plus size model and body image advocate is on the cover of the latest issue of People Magazine.    A social media sensation and Size 22, she embraces her curves and teaches us all about positive body image, overcoming adversity and thriving in today’s world!


She not only challenges everyone’s perception of beauty she defines it! Way to go Tess! Read all about her story in the lastest issue of People!

Oct 17

Elle Magazine’s November Cover has received criticism for covering up plus size Melissa McCarthy with an oversize coat.  I love the cover.  Since the issue has a feature about, “The Perfect Coat Shape” I am not so sure this was to cover up Melissa.  Below is Elle’s response to criticism.

“On all of our shoots, our stylists work with the stars to choose pieces they feel good in, and this is no different: Melissa loved this look, and is gorgeous on our cover,” a spokesperson for the Elle said in a statement. “We are thrilled to honor her as one of our Women in Hollywood this year.”

What do you think?

Jul 9

Congratulations to 14-year-old Maine ballet dancer Julia Bluhm who led a crusade against having altered photos in Seventeen Magazine.

Seventeen Magazine Editor Ann Shoket has promised in the new issue to leave body shapes alone, reserving Photoshop for the stray hair, clothing wrinkle, errant bra strap or pimple.  If the magazine does have to manipulate images, it will post before and after shots on the magazine’s Tumblr page.

Skoket promises are included in a “body peace treaty” which commits Seventeen to featuring healthy girls and models regardless of clothing size. The peace treaty focuses on having a positive body image.

Maybe, just maybe things are changing and young girls and women won’t have to feel self-conscious about their bodies in years to come.

Check out this week’s Fashion Flash by our friends over at Une femme.

Aug 2

Joining the ranks of Germany’s Brigitte Magazine is Brazil’s Beleza em Curvas (Beauty and Curves), the first plus size woman’s magazine in Brazil.

On the above cover is the lovely plus size model, Fluvia Lucerda.

Catering to plus size women between the ages of 20-50, Beleza em Curves features fashion and beauty, health, welfare, gender and behavior along with celebrity interviews.  Beleza em Curves shows that having a good self esteem is the key to living well.

Well, I took German up until Sophomore year in college. Now, I gotta learn Portugese!

OK. U.S. publishers? Any takers??

More as it happens! Jodell

Jul 24

Fashion for the Majority! You bet!

The only independent print magazine devoted to plus size fashion, I know you will want to subscribe to this magazine.  Skorch will be available on line until the end of the year with its inaugural issue coming in September and then goes to print beginning in 2010! Subscriptions are $15 and $25. That’s it!  Isn’t that a deal?

Want to see what some Skorch history?

Skorch Magazine looks to be spot on with its feature articles on national and international plus size fashion for juniors and women, beauty, health and wellness, travel, new ideas and gadgets.  You will be so pleased and so proud to see the photos of their beautiful plus size models.  And are you an aspiring model, check out details for Skorch's nation wide model search?

Oh and---Here's another reason why we are so excited...

Black Cat Plus is really over-the-moon excited to be a part of the re-launch and the inaugural issue of Skorch Magazine.  Why do you ask?

O.k. we'll tell you! But shhhh It's a secret.

We'll be featured in an editorial piece. Woo hoo!

Congratulations to Jessica Kane and the team at Skorch! We are so proud of you and cannot wait to see what you have in store for us!

Jul 20

Yes, we are a plus size e-commerce site. Yes, our livelihood depends upon plus size women who see our clothes and decide that they cannot live without what we have to offer and they want to purchase and do so.

I am always on a quest for good health and fitness and those two topics are not size specific. Some days are better than others and I have a plan and do my best to stick to that plan. Sound familiar?

I am motivated, energized, and inspired by others’ success and willingness to take charge! Talking about plus size fashions and working with our customers always reminds me that It is up to each one of us to put our best foot forward and strive to be our best selves. I just hate seeing low self-esteem and low confidence when it comes to size. Sometimes one thing makes a difference: It can be real simple: A new outfit and dressin’ up! Or more of a challenge: workin’ thru some things with a professional or losing weight to feel better.

I have a saying, “Fix it or forget it.” That phrase has gotten me out of a lot of negative self-talk, reminded me that I am in charge, reminded me that it is about my health and well-being and that of my family and that today, “it” is whatever “it” is “and I have the power to change it.  If I need help, I ask,  because that is part of my job –to–fix it or forget it.

So, when Sommer Johnson, Publisher of Gemini Magazine, emailed me and told me about her goal to get healthy I was intrigued.  She is part of a really cool project called Mamavation
where a fabulous team of trainers, nutritionists, and cheerleading moms help one mom lose weight to
become the healthier version of herself.

And so we can all learn from her experience, Sommer will blog, vlog, and tweet her progress every step of the way.

As Sommer said in her email to me, “There are several reasons for me wanting to do the project.  One of the main reasons is that I’m currently at 295 lbs and I feel awful.  I will NEVER be a size 2, and between you & me, I don’t want to be (size 14/16 would be great!).  What I do want is to be a healthy, curvy, more active woman, wife, & mom.”  She is committed to helping herself and to inspire others to get motivated to get healthier than they are right now.  In order for her to win, we need to vote for her so that the mamavation team will choose Sommer as their Mamavation Mom.

OH–AND—If you have not done so, Check out Gemini Magazine. It’s a go-to, must have resource for Fashion, Beauty, Health, Lifestyle, and Celeb Features. Well organized and easy to read, Gemini Magazine’s message to, open minds, one cover, one article, one beautiful, sophisticated, professional, curvy, woman at a time” is right on!

And, so I don’t forget. Go Vote! Go Sommer–Cheers to your quest to Fix it! And remember, How it is is how YOU decide it is going to be!

We’ll be cheering you on!

More as it happens, Jodell