Feb 8

This year, Robyn Lawley is named as the first plus size Sports Illustrated model.  A firm believer in health and fitness, and self-confessed “foodie” Lawley is a size 12.  While some argue whether plus size is a size 12, it is still great to see that Sports Illustrated is following the same patterns as other major publications in featuring women who have different body types.

Photo: Robyn Lawley

Lawley is pictured wearing a bikini from her own line.  As she says, “I don’t know if I consider myself as a plus-size model or not,” Lawley, who is represented by Wilhelmina Models, says. “I just consider myself a model because I’m trying to help women in general accept their bodies. ”Congratulations Robyn who is nine months pregnant and due just about any day!

Jan 29

Plus Size Model Tess Holliday (Munster) signed a deal with MiLK Modeling Agency.  The 5′ 5″ size 22, plus size model is a lot shorter and larger than many traditional plus size models.  Most plus-size models are typically taller and between sizes 8 and 16.

“I think we’re the only agency with a model of her size. She is by far the largest model I have in the [Curves] division,” Anna Shillinglaw, the owner and director of MiLK, told the New York Daily News.

Tess Holliday/Facebook

Holliday, who has been featured in Vogue ITalia, but was discovered on her Instagram account.  She shows another side of plus size and how refreshing is that?  Congratulations, Tess!


Oct 16

This fall, plus size fashion model Emme returned to her alma mater, Syracuse University, to launch “Fashion Without Limits,” a design initiative that promotes a competition to create size-12-plus designs with the hope to encourage designers to design for plus size women.

The Syracuse University contest requires students in their junior year to design an evening dress for Emme, with the winning design revealed at the conclusion of the spring semester. The winner will receive the 12+ Emme Award and $500, and Emme will wear the winning design to a red-carpet event.  As part of the contest, she also had dress forms donated in a size 16, 18 and 20 so fashion students can practice designing for fuller figures.


Photo By Thomas Iannaccone

The university is also organizing a panel on the plus-size market’s potential, on Nov. 20, at the Fisher Center in New York.

Congratulations to Emme who has been a trend setter from the beginning of her career.  Back in the 1990′s she was the face of Revlon and the first plus size model for the company.

Aug 3

Discouraged by the bias toward plus size in Russia and the lack of plus size models, Dilyara Larina has found a solution….

She has written a book and founded her own agency! According to the national research center Healthy Eating, almost 59 percent of Russian women are overweight.

The imposition of model beauty standards on everyday Russians is a multi-million dollar industry. One reason for this has to do with retail stores themselves and the lack of variety when it comes to size.

Larina has been promoting plus-size models and has written a book on the subject called Living in a Non-Standard Body. She has also opened her own modeling agency, called Plus-Size Model Agency.  She is a perfect example of living life to the fullest at any size!

Source: Anton Denisov / RIA Novosti

Larina explains that for plus-size models, what is most important is not necessary being curvy, but having a beautiful face and inner strength. “The body of a beautiful, well groomed woman attracts male attention,” she says. “I love my weight because it’s mine. In it, I find something even dearer than my body itself. In it, I find something that satisfies the soul.”  She said she strives to represent the people whose products she promotes.

Equal rights when it comes to beauty and fashion…that is her real goal!

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May 16

Jenni Runk gives an accounting to the BBC News and talks about what it was like as an adolescent growing up plus size and what she thinks of her new found popularity with her modeling career.

The H& M model who posed in a bikini and swimwear believes we should all stop obsessing about size!  She says, “I’m the quiet type who reads books, plays video games, and might be a little too obsessed with her cat.  So, suddenly having a large amount of publicity was an awkward surprise at first. I found it strange that people made such a fuss about how my body looks in a bikini, since I don’t usually give it much thought.”

She was pleased to know that others were inspired enough by a picture of her modeling in a bikini made them want to wear one, too!

A US Size 14, she began her modeling career in 2001 and wants the message clear for women of all ages and sizes: it is ok to be different.   She says, “People assume “plus” equates to fat, which in turn equates to ugly. This is completely absurd because many women who are considered plus-sized are actually in line with the American national average, or a US size 12/14 (somewhere between a UK size 14-18).”

We admire Jenni for her beauty, intelligence and for sharing her wisdom openly and honestly and wish her much success!


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Apr 18

Fashion Model Saffi Karina has started the UK’s first plus size model workshop called, Curve Project London.   Karina has been able to transition in her modeling  career by embracing her more mature figure and wants to teach other women how to become models for plus size brands.  Her clients have included Speedo and Bravissimo.

Photo: Saffi Karina

Karina’s monthly class will include in-depth coaching, teaching participants with hair and makeup sessions, getting experience working with stylists, advice on photo shoots, taking runway lessons and casting tips.

Given that there is a sentiment in our culture for ‘normal’ sized women, Karina’s goal is to,” endorse a positive body image and act as a role model to young women who previously thought ‘thin’ was the only way to get a foot over the fashion threshold.”

Great idea! This looks like one woman who is taking matters into her own hands!


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Apr 11

Fashion Model Crystal Renn is looking at her future plans. With a successful ad campaigns for Jimmy Choo and most recently, Agent Provocateur, she is keeping her options open and has said that she is interested in designing a clothing line ‘with body diversity in mind’.

photo: Net-a-porter.

For her Net-a-Porter digital fashion spread, Renn wears black ensembles from Alessandra Rich, Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane, Nina Ricci, Emilio Pucci, Gucci, Giuseppe Zanotti and Stella McCartney.  She was photographed by Laura Sciacovelli.


As the former anorexic, turned-plus-size-model, Renn has been outspoken from her criticism of the fashion industry to her own personal struggles in her book, Hungry.  Her size has fluctuated and ranged from a size 0 to a size 16. However, now a size 8, Crystal  insists that she is happy with her appearance and says,  ” I don’t let my body dictate whether I’m happy or not. The goal is to go live, and worry about the rest later.”

It will be interesting to see if Crystal will really design her own line. Definitely worth a look if she does!

Aug 26

Did you see that latest Project Runway?

Shame on Ben Bhudu! Here is one designer who needs a bit of education!

It is unfortunate that a handful of designers see designing for Plus Size (btw, the model was a Size 14!) as some kind of cruel fate and punishment!

Do you think there is still some prejudice among fashion designers to design for plus size women?   Share your thoughts!

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Jul 30

Great news for all of the Kardashian fans out there! The Kardashians are launching a new plus size denim line for Sears called Kardashian Kurves!

I am all for new denim lines for plus size women! Great to see that the Kardashians are into providing more options for curvy women!

The Kardashians have also announced a modeling contest where the winner will pose with the Kardashians in the Kardashian Kurves ad campaign. To enter, aspiring models must submit a full-length photo wearing denim jeans along with a description of what being ‘kurvy’ and ‘konfident’ means to them.

Hey, I wonder if Kim’s ex-sister-in-law Kaela Humprhries and new plus size Ford model will apply?

It would be nice if they had women over 40 submit photos! So, don’t be shy! We look good in denim as well!

More as it happens!  Jodell

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Sep 30

Two posts in one day! I am so excited. What now, you ask?

Crystal Renn in French Vogue’s 90th (is it that old?) Anniversary issue!

A plus size model eating for all of eternity. Cannot be?!  Hahahahahaha!

Photo: Terry Richardson for French Vogue

Is this way over the top? What kind of statement is she trying to make?  There is no doubt, Crystal has done a lot for modeling and plus size modeling and just when we think she is going mainstream, she shocks us again.


Too much? No big deal? About time to break some taboos?   What do you think?

Is that an octopus?

What next?


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