Apr 25

I have talked about this before that just like regular size models, plus size models’ measurements are more balanced and proportionate than the majority of plus size women.  US Weekly editors did an experiment because of the fact that a lot of plus size clothing is sold on line leaving women to decide for themselves whether to buy an item based on how the clothing looks on the model.

Editors Kristin Chirico and Sheridan Watson, who frequently shop for plus-size fashions, signed themselves up for a day of trying on clothes from brands including Forever 21, Torrid, ASOS, and Fashion to Figure.  Their experience with outfits had more than a few snags.  Items on a 5’11″ model looked way different on the shorter editors.

Read more about their experience and see if you agree?  While there is not a one-size-fits-all solution, there may be ways technology can assist plus size women with shopping for their particular silhouette.

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Sep 4

Great News!


This year at New York Fashion Week plus size models will grace the catwalk.  An uphill battle to date, this marks the first time a show will feature plus size models within mainstream fashion.

The show’s organizers put out a call for plus size models to strut their stuff on the catwalk in haute couture, avant-garde and up-to-the-minute fashions by more than a dozen designers from New York City, Peru, Columbia and Venezuela.

“Fashion should be accessible for everybody no matter what size they are,” Uptown Fashion Week event founder, Albania Rosario, told New York Daily News.

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May 31

Inga Eiriksdottir along with other plus size models including Marquita Pring, Ashley Graham, Julie Henderson, and Danielle Redman  founded ALDA (which means “wave” in Icelandic),  to promote size diversity in modeling.  Ashley Graham was the model who graced the cover of Elle Quebec June issue.  These NYC based, full-figured models  have joined forces to power their way into high-paying, high-profile jobs typically reserved for models who wear a size 2 or smaller. The women got the idea after Ford Modeling Agency closed its plus model division last summer.

The group also approached IMG Models — which reps straight-size supermodels including Gisele Bündchen and Karlie Kloss — and saw that the agency had only one plus size model and the ALDA women all signed with the agency in January.

ALDA also has plans to promote healthy self-esteem in girls everywhere through workshops, lectures and other events. In recent months, agencies have begun removing the label “plus-size” from their models and have pushed them for castings in New York runway shows as well as major fashion editorials and advertising campaigns.  While the New York runway gigs have yet to come to fruition, it may not be long.

Demand for clothing size 14 and up increased 7 percent in the past 12 months, totaling $17.6 billion in sales, according to David Riley from market researchers company the NPD Group.

Congratulations for the group of Alda women who forged their own path!

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Aug 23

Diesel hired plus size models for its latest #DIESELREBOOT campaign.   the new ads will premier in the September issue of Vogue and run through October.

The brand decided to find models by word-of-mouth and through social media site, Tumblr with the result of an ad campaign which features models of all shapes and sizes, including plus size  graffiti artist, Michelle Calderon.

Fashion Director, Nicola Formichetti said that the purpose of picking models through Tumblr was to showcase all shapes and sizes.  Formichetti said,

“I wanted to find people who reflected the diversity of the creative community today and not just the typical model. I wanted the campaign to showcase a variety of characters, people who are beautiful in their own unique way.”

Well said! We look forward to seeing these ads!



Apr 14

Tara Lynn (recently off of the H & M photo shoot), Candice Huffine (Nogue Germany, W Magazine) and Robyn Lawley (Australian Cosmopolitan) are featured on Vogue Italia’s June 2013 cover with Marquita Pring (Jean Paul Gaultier’s model) featured inside.  Quite the resume’s don’t you think?

Vogue Italia’s Editor-in-Chief Franca Sozzani who launched a petition against pro anorexia websites, was quoted in Fashion Trade  Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily,

“We help [plus-size women] dress fashionably. We say: It’s pointless for you to buy leggings, take this because this will look good on you. We help them choose. We don’t talk about diets because they don’t want to be on a diet, but it’s not a ghetto. Why should these women slim down? Many of the women who have a few extra kilos are especially beautiful and also more feminine.”

Enough said!!

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Mar 14

Agencies in Australia, London, even Malaysia are popping up with plus size models.  Many plus size models are having luck  getting work through talent agencies.  Bella Rahim (pictured below) is an example of one model from Malaysia who has found success.

The message is clear and two-fold: women need to know that it is ok to be who they are and things are slowly changing.  A fuller size does not equal an inability to be fashionable.  It is essential to instill a healthy, realistic self-image in women. And leaders in the fashion industry appear to be committed to facilitate this shift.

Several months ago, Plus Model Magazine had a bold shoot featuring a nude plus-size model posing alongside a straight-size model. The magazine released some interesting statistics regarding the conditions of models in the fashion industry today compared with previous years. An average fashion model used to weigh 8% less than the average woman, but today, that figure is 23%.

Hey, if  Karl Lagerfeld can change his mind (when he cast plus size models in shoots and hired Beth Ditto to headline a Fendi party), who knows what’s next?

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Nov 1

I had to read the reviews twice because I could not believe what I was reading…

At a fashion show for Allistyle, which was named in honor of Alli Shapiro who died in 2006, was suffering from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which made her weight fluctuate. They had a hard time finding clothes Alli could wear, and Alli and her mom began the plus size clothing line.

According to Kevin Naulls, who covered World Mastercard Toronto Fashion Week,

“Except, for some of the front row at this packed show, it was a joke. One gentleman spent the entire show laughing and hiding his face from the photo pit with his line sheet, while others exchanged barbs privately and cackled audibly. Even four different people were overheard talking about how poorly the women walked because they were bigger women on high heels. Why is (fashion show decorum) so militantly followed at all other shows, but when a woman who is a size 12 is sent down the runway, all bets are off?”

Here’s the deal…their line STARTS at a size 8. What’s so funny?

Seriously?  Every time I think we are making some kind of progress, I read about an incident like this and it makes me wonder.  Is  it that the prejudiced will always be prejudiced and small minds will always stay small?

What I know is that those  models had their heads held high!

More as it happens!

Some ways to go…

Aug 30

Just want to get the word out!

Here’s your chance to model plus size fashions on the style segment of NBC’s Today Show!

Go to this link and share your photo and info with Today and you just may be the one to show off the new Fall Fashions on the Today Show!

Good Luck!


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Aug 6

Well, this is great news! Whitney Thompson the plus size winning model from America’s Top Models is the face of Anna Scholz White Label Collection which debuted last week! Whitney looks stunning in Anna Scholz bold prints and embellished items, don’t you think?

Size 16 Robyn Lawly, Australian and Italian Vogue’s Cover Girl has signed on with Ralph Lauren as his first plus size model!  Lawly came under some criticism recently as the new face of lingerie brand Boux Avenue.  The brand was criticized for airbrushing Lawly to what readers said was a size 12.

Well, that does defeat the purpose and is totally up to the brand as to how they want to portray their models.  Determining size is difficult. Perhaps in time, they will change their minds or relax their requirements.

Both Lawly and Thompson are such great representatives for  plus size women and we are excited to see them in mainstream media publications and representing such esteemed brands as Lauren and Scholz.  Way to go!

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Jul 23

With my recent posts that an increasing number of companies are using plus size models, it is apparent that the trend is not my imagination as UK Model Agency is reporting that more companies are requesting models who better represent the general public and can keep it real!


So, we are not imagining that the trend is on the increase.   ’Size doesn’t mean shame,’ says Helen Stark, fashion editor for UKMA. ‘Men and women are certainly getting bigger and the fashion industry has recognised this and know they now need to represent men and women of bigger stature.’ She goes on to say, ‘now has never been a better time for those who have got the swagger and the look, to consider going into modelling, even if they are a size 20. With more and more fashion outlets opening to cater for larger sizes, models are needed to sell the clothing in the fashion shows in the first place, but also for the hundreds of plus size catalogues that are sold on behalf of plus size clothing companies.’

We’ll be watching!  Let’s hope this trend continues! Also, I would like to introduce our newest blogger, Mirabai! Check out her site Moving Free with Mirabai!


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