Jul 17

Capri’s.  Crop pants. Clam diggers. Known by different names, but are one in the same.

Capri pants were first introduced by Sonja de Lenart in 1948.  The pant name is from the Isle of Capri, where they first came to popularity, in the late 50′s and early 60′s.  Mary Tyler Moore made them famous and also caused some controversy when she wore tight fitting pants on the Dick van Dyke show.

Capri pants were actually out of favor for several years and came back into style full swing in the late 90′s.  Women now have them as a staple part of their wardrobes.


I don’t know about you, but I love capri’s.  I think they can be flattering to the plus size silhouette.  Depending upon how short or tall you are, the length of your capris are the varying factor.

Rule of thumb: The shorter you are, the longer  you will want your capri length so that you can elongate your silhouette. Take a look at these Global Carpi’s from Neon Buddha.

If you have wider calves and want to minimize them, consider capris such as these Flight Capri’s from Diane Kennedy. that are more loose fitting on your leg.  It is still flattering and you can put a longer tunic with them for a cute look.


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Jul 13

New trend on the horizon?   Yours, a London clothing store, has installed interactive changing rooms that compliment shoppers in a robotic voice. The store which specializes in sizes 14W-32W UK, opened this past week in Uxbridge, west London, – and has 40 stores around the UK – has installed interactive dressing rooms.

Each cubicle is programmed with a number of generic compliments which can be fired at shoppers as they try out the merchandise.

Shoppers hear a voice telling them how great they look.  In addition, there are positive quotes around the dressing room.

While this concept can be good in theory, is it more about women’s insecurities in the dressing room or more about the fit of the clothing?

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Jul 4

Here’s an interesting dilemma.

Many of our customers have asked whether they can “get away” with wearing tank tops when the weather gets hot.  I have noticed that the younger generation is more comfortable wearing tank tops than us older gals.  More and more I have asked them, “Well, what’s stopping you?”

I work out as well as many of my customers.  But, it is ingrained in my head the mantra, “If your arms are bigger you should not show them.”

While I was in New Orleans this past week, the weather was unbearable for this Yankee who likes to live in an Igloo.   I saw many plus size women wearing tank tops and again thought, “Well, why not? It is just too hot to wear sleeves.”

One day I wore the Diane Kennedy Mod Stripe Tunic with a slight cap sleeve.  It was just perfect in that heat and I love the band at the neckline in the back.

I think if tastefully done, I am more comfortable going out with a tank  than ever before. I did not think that the women who were wearing the tank tops looked inappropriate at all.  I thought they looked cool and comfortable and right in style with their matching capris.

We just got in some great tanks from Parsley and Sage. This Tropical Long Tank Top was a show stopper and I am proud to say I wore it alone!

Let us know what you think about wearing a tank top alone. Maybe we can start a trend!

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Jun 13

Melissa McCarthy made lemons out of lemonade when she could not find a designer to design her own dress for the Oscar Awards.


She decided to design her own collection.  McCcarthy has partnered with designer, Daniella Pearl to create a line of plus-size clothing for women.McCarthy, who once studied fashion design at Southern Illinois University, wants to rescue other plus size women from clothes that resemble “great grandma’s table cloth, a flower garden, and F&*#ING stretch synthetic fabrics”

We can’t wait to see what she comes up with.


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May 31

Inga Eiriksdottir along with other plus size models including Marquita Pring, Ashley Graham, Julie Henderson, and Danielle Redman  founded ALDA (which means “wave” in Icelandic),  to promote size diversity in modeling.  Ashley Graham was the model who graced the cover of Elle Quebec June issue.  These NYC based, full-figured models  have joined forces to power their way into high-paying, high-profile jobs typically reserved for models who wear a size 2 or smaller. The women got the idea after Ford Modeling Agency closed its plus model division last summer.

The group also approached IMG Models — which reps straight-size supermodels including Gisele Bündchen and Karlie Kloss — and saw that the agency had only one plus size model and the ALDA women all signed with the agency in January.

ALDA also has plans to promote healthy self-esteem in girls everywhere through workshops, lectures and other events. In recent months, agencies have begun removing the label “plus-size” from their models and have pushed them for castings in New York runway shows as well as major fashion editorials and advertising campaigns.  While the New York runway gigs have yet to come to fruition, it may not be long.

Demand for clothing size 14 and up increased 7 percent in the past 12 months, totaling $17.6 billion in sales, according to David Riley from market researchers company the NPD Group.

Congratulations for the group of Alda women who forged their own path!

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May 25

Just in!

Abercrombie and Fitch is going through a re-do in many ways.  To counteract sluggish sales, the chain has decided to offer larger sizes and to change the atmosphere in the stores by turning up the lights a bit more and playing music that is not so loud and using less perfume.  According to CBS News, Company profits also went down 77 percent in the past year, while sales at newly-opened stores internationally dropped 19 percent.


Photo credit: Hammerin ManFoterCreative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Interestingly enough, the retailer is also getting rid of photos of abs in its advertising by replacing the photos with images of clothes, and mannequins wearing them.

Glad to see that this chain has come to its senses!   Too bad it took a dip in sales to make them realize that times are changin!

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May 18

Ladylike, romantic Lace is everywhere again this season.  Think boudoir and vintage-inspired for this continuing trend.

Whether it is used as a feminine accent or an overall look, you will see lace on hemlines, in detailing on tops and bottoms, sleeves and as the key fabric in separates and dresses.

No longer is lace just for evening.  This fabric provides a seamless transition between day and night: Dress it up, dress it down and you are right in style!

The key to plus size lace separates is stretch!  Check and see if the garment has a bit of lycra or spandex to flatter your curves.   Just a touch will do!

We love these lace tunic in black from Comfy USA.  Wear a cami and pair with your favorite leggings and you are off!

Lace provides an irresistible trend this spring!


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Apr 25

Black and White is everywhere!  The fun continues this spring with black and white stripes in tops and bottoms such as this slimming black and white skirt from Multiples.  Yes, you can wear the stripes as they are in divergent patterns.  You will also see a lot of black and white abstract patterns and color blocking.

Want to mix it up?  Look for a black and white with a neutral shade such as this Giselle Topper from Comfy USA!  The best thing is that you can use the prints to layer and the solids pieces to balance the silhouette.

Also, for this Spring you will see a lot of sheer, transparent fabrics.  Don’t fret!  Use a boob tube or a thin cami tank to go underneath a sheer top such as this Quinn Button Up Shirt in Piano.  A great piece for sure! Oversized shirts are in!

Black and white is for sure a clean, flattering combination that looks so cool and is great on the plus size silhouette.  Be sure to mix and match til your heart’s content!

Apr 17

A 2012 study released by The NPD Group, a leading market research company, shows that two-thirds of females ages 13 and over in America say they wear clothing that is “special sized.”  One-third of these females classify themselves as plus-size females.

So, where are the plus size prom dresses?

Black Cat Plus does not cater to that market at present.  However, we have a few styles and brands that may fit and be appropriate for the plus size teen such as this dress from Kiyonna.

If they cannot find something to wear, many teens are having to borrow a dress or have a dress made by a seamstress.  Our friends at Sydney’s Closet do a great job of catering to this market.  However, more brands need to design for this particular market which is under-served.  Let’s see who will take the challenge?

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Mar 29
Plus Size Shirt Chic
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This season you will see a lot of button down shirts from the tried and true crisp and clean white to an over-sized button down pattern shirt such as this popular stick print shirt from Comfy USA.  Pair your shirt with white pants for a real on-trend look.  Try a reverse button shirt.  Button the first three buttons and the remainder of the shirt unbuttoned with a cami or high waisted pant.  Check out this week’s Fashion Flash from our newest member, Diva Debbie.


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