Nov 6

A few things for you to watch as the weather turns colder.

For winter color trends, you will want to take notice of colors which reflect Mother Nature and remind us of seasons past.  Shades of dried herb that is actually a lovely shade of olive, is a color you will want to have in your wardrobe as it neutralizes every complexion.  You will also want to add the luscious color of suede in tops and bottoms.

Don’t forget the ever-popular gray.  Gray is a color for every occasion that you will find in just about any separate, from cozy sweaters to fitted tops and skirts. You will find that gray adds subtle dimension to any winter outfit.

On trend for this season are items which have that 70′s inspired look!  Still going strong is anything with fringe, tie-dye and embellishments.  Not quite the full-on bohemian style we saw this past Spring and Summer, but a more refined and elegant 70′s vibe is very apparent and flattering.

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Sep 25

Check out the site, Size Fit Plus, a unique online fashion and beauty destination for curvy women. Their unique Size Calculator, helps members get exactly the right size of clothes when they order on line, regarless of the retailer.

Priviledges deals and promotions. Fitting, styling, trending advices from experts in the industry.


You won’t be disappointed with a virtual mall and other amenities which helps you dress for your shape! All from a team of experts in the fashion industry who have teamed up at the service of plus size women, providing you with fashion and beauty advice, deals, promotions, news about everything curvy!

Check it out today!

Sep 19

We are big fans of the new Lane Bryant Ad Campaign which features six plus-size model favorites all showing Fall fashions.  Models include Ashley Graham, Candice Huffine, Precious Victoria Lee, Justine Legault, Georgia Pratt and Sabina Karlsson.

What else can we ask for?  A demand for equality and the latest in Fall Fashions!

The campaign features on-trend styles from Fall in beautiful black and white photos.  You will see on-trend figure flattering dresses and pencil skirts, button down shirts and more!   Take a look at this fashion and culture foward ad campaign!


Photo: Lane Bryant

The “PlusIsEqual” movement strives to give women — of all sizes — equal representation in the media. “Sixty-seven percent of U.S. women are size 14 to 34, but they’re underrepresented on billboards, magazines, TV … everywhere,” according to the brand.

Photo: Lane Bryant

This is the second campaign to the #ImNoAngel Campaign which encourages every woman to love herself.

One word: Brilliant!

Sep 11
Dear Fat People? Really?
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Ok, this is the third version of this post….

I kept coming back to this topic and saying No, that is not it…Nope not there yet. No, I sound angry…that is not it.

But here it is as matter of fact as I can be.  This time without pictures just words, my opinion because stuff like this makes me very very sad…

I am never applauding when someone loses a job, but in this case….the loss of a job or being considered for a job, may not be the biggest thing she will lose.

Maybe she wanted fifteen minutes of fame?   Maybe she thought she was being funny?  Maybe she thought? I don’t know what she thought but she said she was poking fun at people to bring them together?

In the six-minute diatribe, “Dear Fat People,” Nicole Arbour claims that fat-shaming is “not a thing,” suggesting people made it up. She even tries to humorously encourage obese people to lose weight, but not everyone thought her joke was funny.  I won’t show the video  here, I am sure you have seen it.  I won’t bore you with the tirade of swear words she uses to sound cool, maybe?  I don’t know.

I agree that she has the right to express her opinions and so also has to accept any negative or positive consequences as a result.

She told Time Magazine she would not apologize for satire.

Director Pat Mills said Arbour was in discussions to choreograph dance movie Don’t Talk to Irene.     However, when he saw the video, he decided he didn’t want to work with her.

Mills said, “A lot of people think it’s okay to publicly shame fat people and we need to fight back and say this is just as offensive as homophobia and just as offensive as sexism,” he said. “If you say these things, you should lose a job.”

Arbour also said she was not attached to the movie.  Well, ok.

It saddens me on a personal level when people are not tolerant of others’ views, others’ actions, others’ wishes, and really are just not tolerant of who others are.  We do not have that right to judge people we do not know when we have not lived in their shoes.

Maybe it is more education on tolerance, diversity, acceptance?  I don’t know…but this came out of the a social media world, sometimes things are better left unsaid.

Maybe Arbour learned the power of a social media rant?  3 million views.  Congratulations.  It amazes me that she played the GENDER card by saying if she were a man it would not have been an issue?  Wow, that’s old.  The early feminists, trust me, did not EVER fight for your right Nicole to degrade people and disguise it as discourse.  (Look that up)

You have time now.



Aug 27

Here’s a run-down of on trend items to wear to a casino.

Every woman deserves to look beautiful and feel classy no matter what size she is as she heads out to a night at the casino but it can be tricky to know how to style yourself elegantly if you’re not used to it. By picking flattering cuts and colours in plus sized dresses you can feel just as amazing as you look so read on if you’re looking for a timeless look for a casino trip.

Let’s face it, the little black dress looks great on everyone and you can’t go wrong with this chic little number. Finding the right dress can be easy if you think about which areas you’d like to emphasise whether it’s your killer legs or beautiful waist line. Pick a plus sized dress that’s classically tailored with a long skirt to feel like Audrey Hepburn or go for a shorter number to make your look fashion forward. Match a little black dress with some beautiful sparkling accessories that will look great as you roll the dice.

If you’re looking for a dress that’s got more detail then consider a stunning gown with lots of sparkles and embroidery. Pair a gown like this with a stole or some lovely evening wear gloves to really bring the whole look together. You’ll feel like a queen in some of these gowns and you can feel confident when you walk into the casino.

Plus sized women who don’t want to get all dressed up can simply night out at an online casino, for this the outfit can be anything you want from your favourite pyjamas to some lounge gear. It’s great to get dressed up but sometimes it’s even better to have a night in.

So now you’ve got your perfect dress what are you going to wear with it? Think about everything from your shoes to your hair to get that Hollywood style cohesive look. If you’re wearing a dress that just skirts the floor make sure your shoes aren’t too high or it could become an ankle length number. If you have wider feel shop for special wide fit shoes that will keep your feet comfortable the whole night long as you don’t want your poker face to be compromised by some blisters.

Casino nights are all about class so you’ll want to jazz up your outfit with some beautiful faux or real jewel accessories. Cuffs and chokers look fantastic with elegant dresses but be careful you don’t over accessories, if you’re wearing one piece of statement jewelery don’t attempt to add many others.

Also add evening gloves to your outfit to really ramp up the class factor, you can find plus sized gloves online so you won’t feel uncomfortable.

Lastly bear in mind that casino nights are all about having fun and relying on Lady Luck to bring you a win. Feeling confident and beautiful is the key to a great night out so make sure you pick an outfit that makes you feel like a million dollars.





Aug 8


Lingerie shopping can be a difficult process for anybody. There are just so many stores, so many sales, and so many actual pieces of clothing that it can all get quite overwhelming. Throw in the added concern of finding sexy and flattering options in the plus-size category and you can really have your work cut out for you!

Fortunately, there are plenty of amazing pieces of lingerie out there for us plus-sized women, and no, it doesn’t all have to come from specialty stores who cater to people with larger frames.  The options can come from just about anywhere, so long as you take the right approach and figure out a few strategies.

So without further ado, here are my four best tips for your next lingerie shopping spree.

1. Browse For Inspiration    Just as you might be getting ready to search through catalogues, websites, and fashion blogs to get a handle on upcoming fall fashions, why not take some time to browse for plus-size lingerie inspiration? Fashion, after all, can be contagious, and sometimes all it takes is seeing the right combination on someone with a similar body type to help you to realize what you might want to be shopping for in the first place!

I loved the approach taken by Bustle in an article about a year ago showcasing 13 “gorgeous and empowering” items. Instead of writing in vague terms about what a plus-size woman may or may not be comfortable wearing, the writer compiled a list of stunning photos of women with various body types showing off some really sexy looks (and also included the links to buy some of the clothes therein). In the end, they’re only 13 ideas out of the tens of thousands of lingerie combinations out there, but it’s not a bad place to start for inspiration.

2. Shop In Stores, Not Online        I know, I know… Online shopping is incredibly convenient. The selection is endless, and it often even winds up being the cheapest way to shoot. But it’s also by far the most difficult way to find a good fit, particularly for something as intimate as lingerie, which needs to be comfortable!

For this reason, I always recommend that people shop in stores for their undergarments, whether they be petite or plus-sized. You can try things on to your heart’s content, and while you may start to feel a little self-conscious after too much time in the changing room (I’m not sure why, but I sometimes do), it’s there for a reason. Try, try, and try some more until you find those perfect pieces that fit well, look good, and keep you comfortable.

3. Learn How To Flatter & Camouflage      Obviously the intent of most any lingerie purchase is to flatter, but after reading an article on how to choose lingerie by Adam & Eve, I started thinking of this in a different way. In that article there was a section on “how to camouflage problem bits,” and while I don’t love the characterization of any body part or type as a “problem,” the underlying idea is worth keeping in mind when you go shopping.

Basically, the idea is to find lingerie that might hide or conceal parts of your body you’re not particularly proud of – or- emphasize those bits that you’re very proud of! There are suggestions such as wearing a babydoll to flow low if you’re self-conscious about your hips or wearing bustiers or camisoles to emphasize a proud bust. It’s up to you how to address the specifics, but the concept of buying lingerie to show off your body exactly as you like – rather than just to fit well and generally look good – can take your unmentionables game to the next level!

4. Target Material You Trust    Cotton is kind of the gold standard for everyday wear, but if you’re like me, you kind of just wing it beyond cotton. I’ve never really had a go-to material. Given my preference for trying things on in person; if I like how it feels, I’ll go with it! I still support this general approach, but Plus Size Living’s article on plus-size lingerie selection tips got me thinking about being a little pickier in regard to materials.

They pointed out some of the more common sense things, like the comfort of silk and satin (or, as they put it, “make you feel like royalty”), but the observation that really caught my eye was that “sheer mesh… both conceals and shows off!” I’m not sure exactly what this means, but it made me consider the versatility of different materials in a new way.

So those are my tips! Best of luck on your next shopping spree.


Aug 2

I have been running around these past few days in New York City and was shocked to see no plus size departments at Century 21 and Saks Fifth Ave. and not to mention that at Bloomingdales, the plus size department was a third of the square footage it used to be.

When I inquired at Bloomingdales, #1 where the plus size department went and #2 where were all the PANTS?  The answer was they took it down because no one was shopping in them and was given a blank stare about the pants.  There were three of us at the check out line looking at each other going, “We’re here and the other two women were like, ‘Yes, where are the pants!”

Photo credit: <a href=””>Jordan Chark</a> / <a href=””>Foter</a> / <a href=””>CC BY-NC-SA</a>

That is not the first time I have heard that statement.  I cannot imagine why and where the discrepancy is between what is and what the stores say it is? I do not understand how they can make such a statement and what constitutes enough sales to justify clothing in a particular department?

I have heard Saks is rethinking their business model for plus size. When?

Good move. Maybe the problem is assortment in fit, variety, price? I cannot imagine what the variables are, but it seems to me that there should be some viable solution?  Let’s hope so.  It was very depressing.

Jul 19

We have found a great new item!

The Half-Tee is designed as a layering piece that is “all style-no hassle” and fits up to its name. The Half-Tee provides coverage in the bust line without adding the extra layer to your midsection and features a non-slip band that is truly non-slip.

I admit, I was a bit skeptical at first for plus size, as I was afraid that I would be walking around with a “bare midriff” that everyone would absolutely be able to tell, but that was not the case. The short or long sleeve styles are perfect for women who want to wear tank tops but do not want to bare their arms.

I wore the Half-Tee under a low cut V-neck tunic and it did the trick and I was not hot at all.  That was the selling point for me.


Styles include: Tank, short-sleeve and long sleeve and fabrics include in cotton, lace and modal fabric. The fabric is so lightweight you feel as though you do not have anything on. Prices range from $17.99-$34.99 retail for the full tee. For those ladies who are a bit modest and who won’t consider the half tee, the layering shirt fits the bill! That shirt has become a favorite item of mine for working out, lounging and layering! Go to for more information.

Jul 11

Celebrities such as Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson have influenced plus size manufacturers to take notice as they are about to design their own plus size clothing lines.  It is sad that in spite of the positive influence of celebrities such as McCarth and Wilson along with Tess Halliday, who recently graced the cover of People Magazine, plus size offerings are far and few in between leaving retailers such as Torrid and new plus size line X-Two, with an endless market to sell to.

“The industry has done a disservice to themselves by not offering some of those great choices for the plus-size consumer,” says Marshal Cohen, NPD retail analyst.


Cohen says major clothing stores aren’t eager to make a serious commitment to the plus-size market because it isn’t growing.

“Until the plus-size business grows at a rate greater than its current growth of 2 percent, they are going to wait. And that means that plus size is going to have to accelerate its growth rate closer to 4 and even 5 percent before the retailers are really going to embrace this,” Analyst Marshal Cohen says even the large department stores have more offerings on their websites than they do on the racks. For a lot of Americans, he says, in-store shopping is not a positive experience, Cohen adds.

It will be interesting to see just exactly what it takes!

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Jun 21

A big “THANK YOU” to movie and television star, Melissa McCarthy has a clothing line in the works!  The line is for women of all sizes!

She is launching her own namesake line Melissa McCarthy Seven7 which features an 80-piece line designed by McCarthy herself, for women ranging from sizes 4 to 28!

She said,  ”People don’t stop at a size 12. It’s an odd thing that you can’t go shopping with your friends because your store is upstairs hidden by the tire section. We’ll put you gals over there because we don’t want to see you and you probably don’t want to be seen.”  Melissa is everywhere and we love to see what she is doing! Here she is on the cover of the June issue of More Magazine!

Her line will be available on QVC and her web site Melissa  We can’t wait!


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