Feb 27

Plus size Brazilian models strutted their stuff on the catwalk this past weekend in Sao Paulo, Brazil as they showcased plus size lingerie, plus size swimwear, plus size wedding gowns and plus size dresses.  Way to go Brazil!  Check out the Fashion Flash at The Best of Everything!

Feb 4

There is a saying that, “Well behaved women seldom make history!”  Here’s a perfect example of two women who share that sentiment! Good for them!

That’s exactly what plus size brand Carmakoma did during Copenhagen’s Fashion Week  on Feb. 1.  If you have not checked it out yet,  Carmakoma is a Danish luxury line for plus sizes 14-26  (US 12-24) and meant for women who want to use fashion as a way to express their strong personal expression with a  penchant toward the rock chic glam look.

To kick off the untraditional show, Carmakoma enlisted the help of plus size model and Brazilian fashion icon Fluvia Lacerda, and other plus size models who showed off  the clothing line  up to a size 24 on the catwalk.

Spring Summer

In an interview with Daily Venus Diva, the two Danish women behind the successful, curvy fashion brand Carmakoma – Angelica Weiss and Heidie Lykke said of the decision to have the fashion show, ”Carmakoma has been on the fashion week fair several times now, but we have had to do our own unofficial shows to show off our clothes. This time we are backed by the fair. It has been hard work, but curvy women and their need for fashionable clothing are definitely on the way to get more and more recognition from the fashion industry.”


Well said! Congratulations to these two designers for taking matters into their own hands!

Aug 30

Just want to get the word out!

Here’s your chance to model plus size fashions on the style segment of NBC’s Today Show!

Go to this link and share your photo and info with Today and you just may be the one to show off the new Fall Fashions on the Today Show!

Good Luck!


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May 9

I must admit, I am addicted to Fashion Star, the reality competition show for fashion designers. Have you seen it?

Every week designers have a fashion challenge which culminates in a fashion show with the option of having either the buyer from Macy’s, Saks, or H & M bidding for the items.  At the end of the episode, America has a chance to immediately purchase the designs off of the retailers’ sites. Check out the items, wouldn’t you love to see some of these in plus sizes? How exciting is that?

Here’s what I want to see: a challenge that includes plus size clothing.

After all, with the majority of American women wearing a Size 14 or higher, wouldn’t you think that being able to design for the majority would be a requirement for any designer today?


The show is interesting with Jessica Simpson, John Varvatos and Nicole Richie as the resident designers who are in charge of coaching the contestants.  It is also interesting to see what items actually catch the eyes of they buyers!

Maybe we can convince the producers to consider it! In the meantime, tune in next week Tuesday, May 15 at 10pm Eastern, as Ronnie, Nzzmiro and Kara vie for the title of Fashion Star!

So, write to them and let’s see what happens!

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More as it happens!




Sep 12

I am pleased to hear that on Wednesday, September 15, 2010, U.S. company, One Stop will showcase outfits for women sizes 16 and above on plus size models including Tocara Jones (of America’s Next Top Model Fame) and Lizzie Miller.  Plus Size Model, Emme’ will host the red carpet festivities.

I have found that change comes slowly and that sometimes one has to play within the rules in order to change them and I applaud One Stop Plus for finding its own “ballpark” to play in and for serving as a reminder to the fashion world as to how many women really are size 14 and up!

Next week’s show is not linked to any of the major fashion houses, the reason could be because One Stop Plus does not carry any of the major fashion houses and a fashion show must directly or indirectly affect the bottom line as they are not cheap to produce.  However, One Stop Plus says that Spring 2011 fashions from Europe and the U.S. will be showcased in the fashion show.  “It’s about inclusion and fashion democracy: fashion risk-taking and empowerment,” adds the site’s vice-president of design, Zahir Babvani.

I also applaud plus size models like 21 year old, Lizzie Miller! We are on TEAM LIZZIE.  Once teased about her weight, she now makes a living from her size 12 figure.   You remember Lizzie? I wrote about her in a previous post. She was in a Glamour Magazine ad that ignited a great discussion about plus size in America!

“This is a huge step for the fashion industry. It is going to be a beautiful event. It is going to prove to everyone in the fashion world that it is beautiful to have plus-size women wearing these clothes,” Miller told the Observer in New York last week, fresh from having a fitting for the clothes she will wear on the runway.

Take a look at One Stop Plus You Tube Channel to see their Paris Fashion Show!

I hope this is a continuing a sign of the changes that are taking place in the fashion world.  Can’t wait to see pictures from Wednesday’s fashion show.  Wish I could be there to witness history! When Black Cat Plus Grows Up we wanna be like One Stop Plus! Congrats to everyone involved, we’ll be watching!
More as it happens! Jodell

Apr 18

On Sunday, April, 11, 2010, Black Cat Plus was proud to participate as a sponsor boutique for the second year in a row for Gila’s Club of Rochester (NY) Surviving In Style Fashion Show.

Thank you to our lovely models who were either cancer survivors and/or care-givers: Amy, Chelsea, Mildred, Ophelia, and Sandy, who wore our fashions so well!

Each one of our models is truly an inspiration and showed us how to survive and thrive in style!

Our models were wearing:


Sienna Rose Embroidered Tunic and Alain Weiz embroidered Jeans with our turquoise Uddini handbag.


Sienna Rose Tank Dress in Summer Purple


Simply Silk Two piece Beaded Dress in Black


NYDJ Black Contrast Stitch Jeans and Silk Threads Animal Print Peasant Top


Diane Kennedy Bliss Wrap, Tank, and Serene Pants in Navy