Jan 18

We love this season’s choices for the plus size resort collection by Tadashi Shoji and other designers.  This year’s theme is by-the-sea! Perfect for this time of year as we long to get back to a more pleasing climate, especially if you live near where we are located in Upstate New York!


Shades of blue with blue and white and sea shell patterns set the stage for Resort 2015.

Jan 3

As the new year begins, adopt a few fashion resolutions of your own.

Make sure you know your body type and find which styles, fabrics and embellishments work best for your type.

Don’t hide! Show off your curves! Make it your New Year’s Resolution to find pieces that will flatter your curves.   For a thicker waist,  try an asymmetrical tunic or a drop-waisted dress which accentuates your best features such as this Art of Cloth Camille Three Quarter Sleeve Dress.


For key pieces such as this Diane Kennedy Treasure Dress find a professional Tailor who you trust to make sure your outfit fits well in the bust, arms, length, and waist and to make sure it looks as great on the hanger as off!   

Dec 19

I read an interesting post this week from Cece Olisa.  She talks about whether black women get some kind of “plus size pass.”  She talks about how harmful that is to women of color and unfair to generalize.

She says, “These plus-size pass rumors are dangerous. All women, including women of color, have body image issues. All women, including women of color, have to work to become confident in the skin they’re in.”

How true.  But now, what do we do about it?  How do we stop the passing on of untrue stereotypes? One step at at time.

We should all be talking about how important it is for each one of us to have our own definition of what positive body image means.

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Dec 1

Tis the season for jeans!  Our preference for jeans has lasted over 100 years.  New fabrics and technology have made jeans the go-to garment in just about everyone’s wardrobe.  Did you know that denim jeans can be found in the wardrobes of 96% of U.S. female consumers who on average, own seven pairs of designer jeans according to Cotton Incorporated’s Retail Monitor™ survey.  Men own an average of six pairs.  It’s a fact that both men and women love jeans!  For women’s jeans, take a look at a classic such as bootcut jeans which can be worn with anything from heels to flats and paired with tunics to jackets for a flattering, timeless look.


Photo: True Religion

Front and center this season not only in designer jeans for women, but designer jeans for men feature embellishments such as zippers and embroidery.  You will also find that there are many different kinds of ripped jeans for women to choose from.  When selecting the right pair of ripped jeans be sure not to go overboard or you will risk looking grunge instead of glam.   The ripped style can be seen in just about every cut and dye so you will be able to easily find a pair that meets your taste and silhouette.  Be sure to pair your jeans with tops and accessories that do not overpower your overall look.  Skinny jeans for women can be worn by every shape and size.  The key to wearing the skinny jean is to pick a jean with the right amount of stretch.  Remember, the darker the color of denim, the more slimming the silhouette.


Photo: True Religion

True Religion has a wide selection of jeans for women – even extended sizes in some styles, including the skinny and bootcut jean styles.  So the men won’t feel left out, they will also find plenty of selections to choose from with True Religion Brand men’s designer jeans.



Nov 17


Many women tell me that they do not want to wear jeans anymore because they feel that they don’t look good in them.  I always ask what brand and style of jean they are wearing because denim has come a long way in the past few years and there is no reason why every woman can’t find a jean that fits!  There are plenty of slimming jeans on the market, it just takes some patience to wade through all of the choices in fits, washes and design in jeans for women.


Photo credit: <a href=””>A Walker in LA</a> / <a href=””>Foter</a> / <a href=””>CC BY-NC-SA</a>

There are three main areas to keep in mind when you are buying that perfect fitting jean.

#1: It is all about fit and how the jeans flatter your curves.  Do find a jean with some stretch.  You may need to actually go down a size so that your jeans do not become baggy or sloppy looking by day’s end.  Utilize technology and consider your silhouette when selecting the right pair of jeans.  There are many technological advances in denim that will provide you with assistance to flatter your curves!  For example, NYDJ jeans features a lift tuck technology that makes you look and feel a size smaller.

#2: The cut of the jean is also very important and offers some options to accentuate your best features or minimize an area where you do not want to call attention.   Wide leg jeans can balance out a larger bust so that you do not appear to be top-heavy.  If you carry your weight in the middle, find a jean with a wider waistband.  If you have fuller legs and thighs, try a trouser jean, which will stay right below the waist and provide you with a polished and professional look.


#3: Do you remember lying down on the bed to get your jeans on?  How uncomfortable was that?  Quality and Comfort go hand-in-hand when you are choosing the right pair of jeans.  Keep in mind that the right pair of jeans will slim the tummy, contour the hips and lift the butt without feeling as though you are stuffed into your jeans.

Don’t be afraid to try on different pairs, ask questions of the sales staff, and pretty soon you will be Rockin’ those Denim Jeans!

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Nov 12

Model Myla Dalbezio is perplexed by the fact that at a size 10 she is considered a plus size model in the fashion industry.  A Size 10 is hardly considered plus size, except by the fashion industry itself.

By using Dalbezio in its ad campaign, Calvin Klein’s   “Perfectly Fit” underwear line was never classified as a plus-size product until they used the model in their ad campaign for the line.   Note: by our standards it is NOT a plus size product.

Dalbesio went on the Today show to discuss the reactions to the campaign.  She commented, “I think that Calvin Klein has done something that’s really groundbreaking, which is they released this campaign with what some would say is a normal-size model, a size 10. And size-10 girls, there’s not a lot of spots for us to fit in in the fashion industry.”

Calvin Klein used Dalbezio with models of varying shapes and sizes.  Some people are critical of Calvin Klein’s idea of what a plus size is.

Calvin Klein’s response to the controversy is even more interesting. ” These images are intended to communicate that our new line is more inclusive and available in several silhouettes in an extensive range of sizes.”    How about true plus size??

As I said…Interesting.


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Nov 6

The air is getting colder as the winter season approaches. Time to whip out the winter outfits you have stored at the back of your closet. It is now the time to wrap yourself on those warm sweaters, coats, leggings, and boots to ward off the cold from the chilly wind. But do you know how to be on trend anytime this season? Don’t worry because we have prepared some tips for you on how to create early winter fashion styles for plus size women.

Rocking the Knits

Knits are definitely a winter staple so load up on these to mix and match with your skirts, pants, or dresses. You can also wear knits on knits like a knitted sweater with a knitted skirt. Just make sure to wear fancy shoes to increase your style meter. The long-sleeve, knitted top over a black skinny jeans and brown suede/leather boots is a good start.  Check out this Chloe Tunic from Comfy USA

Glam up with Tights and Leggings

Tights and leggings are perfect for plus size dresses for women including skirts and shorts but they are not flattering to wear as pants. You can wear tights and leggings with boots, stilettos, flats, or wedges.

Winter Layering

The cold season calls for layering clothes to keep the body warm. Use simple basics like a long sleeve top with skinny jeans or leather pants and style them up with statement pieces like vest, jacket such as this Art of Cloth Adi Jacket, and accessories.

Accessorize Plains and Prints

Invest in fabulous accessories like jewelery, bags, shoes, boots, hats, and scarves. Scarves in winter colors are great in accessorizing outfits whether pants, skirt, shorts, and dress ensembles.

Experiment with Fall/Winter Colors

The figure-flattering tones of mauve, cobalt, gray, black, and white are the trend for plus size women. So, let your inner fashionista come out this season and play with these color combinations to stay pretty all the time.

Being smart and well-dressed for the early winter show how much you love your full figure as you are confident to show off your voluptuous assets. The hefty price tag or the designer brand is not important, what matters most is how great you look in the well-chosen ensemble.
Author Bio: Jane Hudson is a freelance writer who is passionate about fashion .

Visit here at or her G+

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Oct 23

Who doesn’t love to shop for Shoes?!  This season you’ll find the top shoe trends that are flattering to the plus size woman.  The focus this season is on heel height – where the flatter heel is making a come-back – embellishments from fringe to buckles and boots that are over-the-top.

You will see more flats this season than ever before.  Everyone from celebs to professional women are wearing flats to the office so that they can be comfortable.  However, plus size women do not have to compromise style.  You’ll find plenty of options this season.  Think animal prints, ethnic prints, bright colors, sparkle accents and even textures from lace to appliques that are on trend.  Check out these leopard print flats from Anne Klein.

These boots are made for walkin’ for sure this season! You will see every length boot from the most popular ankle boot to the over-the-knee high boot from flats to heels. Remember the key to wearing boots is to balance out longer legs with knee high such as these boots from Rose Petals or over the knee styles in matching hues to your wardrobe.  Shorter women can elongate their legs by wearing a high heeled boot or wedged boot.

As an alternative to the spiky heel, try a wedge style shoe with an easy, slip on style that is so comfortable on your feet.  You’ll also see the ever-present Mary Jane shoe with a twist.  Mary Jane on flats, platforms, heels, wedges, pumps and more.  Check out these great slip ons called the Reef Mayuta with their woven, aztec pattern.

Reef Mayuta Tx

The sneaker has made a come-back.  Unlike Spring where white was the “it” shoe color, you will see women of all ages wearing fun and funky sneakers.  You’ll have many patterns and colors to choose from this Fall from hot pink to leopard prints to stripes and more!  Check out these Reef Winter Wall Shoes.

Like many plus size women, if you have a wider foot, don’t fret and don’t try to squeeze your foot in a smaller size and be uncomfortable.  Look for shoes  in wide widths and boots with a wide or extra wide shaft to fit your calves.


Oct 16

This fall, plus size fashion model Emme returned to her alma mater, Syracuse University, to launch “Fashion Without Limits,” a design initiative that promotes a competition to create size-12-plus designs with the hope to encourage designers to design for plus size women.

The Syracuse University contest requires students in their junior year to design an evening dress for Emme, with the winning design revealed at the conclusion of the spring semester. The winner will receive the 12+ Emme Award and $500, and Emme will wear the winning design to a red-carpet event.  As part of the contest, she also had dress forms donated in a size 16, 18 and 20 so fashion students can practice designing for fuller figures.


Photo By Thomas Iannaccone

The university is also organizing a panel on the plus-size market’s potential, on Nov. 20, at the Fisher Center in New York.

Congratulations to Emme who has been a trend setter from the beginning of her career.  Back in the 1990′s she was the face of Revlon and the first plus size model for the company.

Sep 25
Plus Size Trends for Fall 2014
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Fall 2014

Here comes Autumn with football games, cider, falling leaves, crisp, cool air and many reasons to sell our customers new items!  This season, plus size women have a lot to celebrate and not be afraid to try a new look!

Global Print

We will see a continuation of global, ethnic prints in statement accessories as well as ready-to-wear items.  You can’t miss the influence of tribal and eastern prints and patterns from different cultures.  Check out this Primitive Tunic from Parsley and Sage.

Geometric and Color-block Patterns and Prints

Color-blocking appears to be a mainstay this season and still going strong are geometric prints that range from bold and bright to subtle and sublime.  A plus size customer favorite is Sienna Rose which features geometric prints in the most beautiful designs and colors.  Their cut is generous and you will want to have several pieces in your wardrobe.  Featured is Plunge into the Blue top from Sienna Rose.

Animal Print

The plus size silhouette is “fur”ever committed to animal prints and patterns as they continue to be on the prowl this season.  You will see animal print in jackets, pants, tunics and accessories.   Accent with red for an outfit that makes a statement.  Check out this Harlow Faux Wrap Print Dress from Kiyonna.

Accessory Trend:  Fashion Watches.  Mix and match with every outfit!  Check out this watch from Aldo at

Have fun in this great season as it sets the stage for the holidays!  Check out this week’s Fashion Flash from Deb at No Nonsense Beauty Blog.


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