May 11

Happy Spring!  We are excited to give you the latest and greatest from our Fashion Flash Bloggers!


Do you have  a mass of freckles on your chest?  Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog tries out different methods to get that creamy smooth  red carpet decollete.

Positive Living advocate Barbara Hannah Grufferman thinks that women over 50 can actually feel more confident and pretty if they use less makeup! Here are her best tricks for looking pretty and polished in minutes!

An Osteoporosis Prevention Workout can go a long way towards protecting bone mass and preventing falls that can cause a fracture. Learn what type of bone loading exercises you should do from Women’s Fitness Expert, Mirabai Holland.

Do you think you can really tighten and tone your tummy in just 30 seconds a day? Pictures don’t lie!  DivaDebbi proves you can with Mio’s Get Waisted.

We want to get you thinking about your adrenal health. The post Society Wellness is sharing to peak reader’s interest about adrenal health, because it is one of their  favorite subjects on their blog. Put it this way; are you busy, multi-tasking, or juggling what feels like a million things? Then this post is for you.

Prime Beauty keeps her peepers clean and hydrated with Tarte’s fabulous new Fresh Eyes Maracuja Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Wipes. Trust me, you’re gonna LOVE them, pinky swear!

We know we go through a lot of changes when going through menopause, but what about the changes in our skin during menopause? Fab Over Forty went to the experts to see how we can adapt to these changes.

How do you look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks? It’s easier than you think! Style expert Deborah Boland shares her tips for looking fabulous when money is tight.



Spring is in full swing!! Check out Parsley & Sage and Art of Cloth for the newest in Spring Fashions!

Apr 6

We are filling in this week and have the honor to host Fashion Flash!  Take note of these fabulous posts and tips from our favorite bloggers!


Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog has a confession.

DivaDebbi takes a look at extreme plastic surgery; celebrity style and how jarring it is when well know faces change before our eyes.

The black and white trend is going strong. Deborah Boland shares classy yet casual ways to wear this flattering trend.

Positive Living Advocate Barbara Hannah Grufferman thinks you can shop in your own kitchen for fabulous health and beauty products! Check out some of her best finds (and you won’t need your Amex!)!

Prime Beauty is ditching her black, gray and brown winter wardrobe for the brights shades of  summer. Bring On The Brights!

Getting fit can change your life! Women’s health and fitness expert Mirabai Holland shares her insight.


And, at Black Cat Plus, we were excited to participate in the Fabulous After 40 L’eggs Promotion! Check it out!

Mar 24

Today we have some great posts for you to read from our fab Fashion Flash bloggers! Enjoy!



Have you tried a monthly beauty subscription service? Cindy from Prime Beauty shows you what she got in her March Ipsy Glam Bag and why she sticks with it!

Deb  of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog adds some new favorites to her beauty tool kit.

Want happy hair? Jackie Silver from AgingBackwards.com reminds you of hair tips you know and reveals a few you may not know.

Want to lose weight? There’s an app for that! Women’s wellness expert has the skinny on weight loss apps.

Positive Aging Expert Barbara Hannah Grufferman thinks every woman can look fresh, pretty and modern in minutes with the right makeup in the right places. See her latest tips for looking fab over 50!.

Halfway between perfectly pretty and goth lies a new type of bloom that’s dark, moody and mysterious. Deborah Boland shares the perfect way for women over 40 to wear spring’s latest trend, dark florals.

Is a lipstick worth $49? Find out what Dana from Fab Over Forty thinks about these Tom Ford lipsticks for Spring.

DivaDebbi test drove Color WOW Temporary Root Touch-Up Kit. How did it fare compared to her usual fave root fix Gray Away? Find out here





And at Black Cat Plus, Spring is a poppin’ check out our new line of Sping items at www.Blackcatplus.com.




Mar 10

Well, here we are! We set the clocks ahead! It is almost Spring and the Fashion Flash Bloggers have a lot of great info for you!


They’re bold & bright, but how do you wear florals when you’re over 40 and not look like an old lady?  The Glam Gals at Fabulous After 40 have a few ideas for how to put together a floral outfit that looks fab.



Get the skinny on your hidden fat and what you can do about it from Mirabai Holland, Boomer Fitness Guru.


Red carpet Oscar fever may be over, but celebrity makeup artist Bruce Grayson shares his ‘any day red carpet tips’ with us via Jackie Silver from AgingBackwards.com.


Do you become dazed and confused when trying to choose an eyeliner for your over 40 eyes? Cindy over at Prime Beauty brings you Eyeliner 101‘ to help you decide which type is right for you!

Celebrate spring with a Strawberry Kiss!  This pink delight is 50 calories less and only a third the sugar of a strawberry daiquiri.  So YUMMY and Menopause Makeover approved!


Say bye-bye to dry wrinkled lips with this product that Fab Over Forty recently discovered.

Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog  finds out that snowstorms and Retin A don’t mix.

Positive Aging expert, Barbara Hannah Grufferman, takes you through the latest research on vitamin D and calcium, cutting through the noise, and getting to the bottom of everything you need to know right now to be fit, healthy and strong.



Apr 19

This Spring, you will love, love love the array of colors! We are looking at bright colors that pop!  This Spring is the perfect time to incorporate color into your wardrobe!

Royal blue, Violet, Yellow, Green and Coral are the go-to colors this season.

Take a look at this Crossroads Blazer in  Turquoise and Coral from Neon Buddha. With the wonderful color and jeweled buttons, this is the perfect blazer to take you from daytime to after-hour festivities.  A great example of the colorful brights we are seeing this season!

So, don’t be self-conscious to wear color! For the next few seasons, colorful separates and dresses are all you will see!  I compare wearing colorful clothing to getting used to wearing a RED lipstick shade. Most of us who wear make up, started off by wearing more subtle lipstick shades and as we got used to having some color on our lips we were able to deepen the color and perhaps back off the intensity of color on our eyes and cheeks so that we can play up one feature!

The same principle applies to your wardrobe! Start off with perhaps with an accessory or two and move to a colorful tunic and then, perhaps bottoms, like the ever popular colored denim we are seeing out now.

Remember, plus size women do not have to be banished to wearing dark colors anymore. It is a myth and it is outdated thinking and we need to stop it. If you have worn basic, neutral colors start with my suggestion to focus on accessories and then move to clothing pieces.

Spring is the perfect time to start!

Happy Shopping!