Nov 6

A few things for you to watch as the weather turns colder.

For winter color trends, you will want to take notice of colors which reflect Mother Nature and remind us of seasons past.  Shades of dried herb that is actually a lovely shade of olive, is a color you will want to have in your wardrobe as it neutralizes every complexion.  You will also want to add the luscious color of suede in tops and bottoms.

Don’t forget the ever-popular gray.  Gray is a color for every occasion that you will find in just about any separate, from cozy sweaters to fitted tops and skirts. You will find that gray adds subtle dimension to any winter outfit.

On trend for this season are items which have that 70′s inspired look!  Still going strong is anything with fringe, tie-dye and embellishments.  Not quite the full-on bohemian style we saw this past Spring and Summer, but a more refined and elegant 70′s vibe is very apparent and flattering.

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Oct 26

A plus size woman does not need to wear shapeless dresses to hide her body. There are numerous fashion clothing that is aimed at making plus size women look fashionable and beautiful. Gone are the days when designers only designed clothes for lean and thin women. Now, many great designers are designing trendy clothes such as this Sympli Duo Dive top in Sangria for plus size women. So, as a plus size woman, you can now go with the fashion trends and showcase your style sense.

Plus size women need to dress themselves in a manner that accentuates the best parts of their body. For example, show off an hourglass shape with a belt, to put emphasis on your waist. This article offers some fashion trips to plus size women, which can help them to improve their style sense and be more on trend.

Focus on the shape of your body, not its size.

To be fashionable, the first thing important is that clothes should fit well. Many women who are heavier often go for clothes like over-sized tunics and shirts which covers their shape. But, fashion calls for clothes which perfectly outline and shape your body. So, do not go for over-sized outfits. Instead, try to wear fluid and flattering fabrics which make you feel comfortable and confident. Fashion for plus size women, actually means dressing for your body shape, and not its size.

Belted Tunics and Tops Outline the Shape of your Body

Embrace new Trends.

In order to be fashionable, it is important to welcome the new fashion trends and style with open arms. However, fashion for plus size women requires wise testing and experimentation. In case the lower portion of your body is larger in proportion to your top, try to incorporate some details on top such as wide lapels, frills and collars, and go for narrow clothing for the lower half of your body. Women who carry their weight in their stomach area and are an apple shape, should go for personalized outfits with lower necklines. You can also go for cheap tees hoodies which look quite trendy and stylish on all kinds of body shapes. If you wear the latest fashion clothing, keeping such things in mind, you would go with the fashion trends as well as look good.


Animal Prints Look Good on Plus Size Women

Incorporate accessories in your look.

Plus size women should go for fashion accessories and make them a part of their clothing. Go for accessories that compliment your outfit. Accessories can significantly make you look smart and ultra-stylish. Fashion is largely about putting your creativity into function and accessories can greatly help you to do so. Wear jewelry pieces that are unique, have catchy textures and colors, for attracting attention to your face.


Plus Size Shirts are quite Stylish

Follow closely the latest fashion trends.

Be a follower of fashion and also be rational. Latest fashion not only requires knowing the shape of your body and the style suiting your personality, but it also is about getting inspiration from others. Fashion deals with all the aspects that create the difference between “being well-dressed” and “being in-style.” Fashion has equal space for all kinds of body shapes. Fashion can be reflected on your body positively only if you are brave enough to try something new. Try to follow fashion websites, fashion blogs and the latest fashion magazines. They would give you numerous fashion ideas for plus size women.


Being a plus size woman would never be a hindrance to your looking beautiful and being fashionable. Plus size women have now created a special place in the world of fashion, with designers coming up with trendy and glamorous clothing for them for every season and every occasion.

Author’s Bio: Olivia is a renowned author who writes quality articles on fashion trends and various fashion clothes like Cheap Tees Hoodies . Her articles are highly informative and useful for the readers.




Apr 23

I have just read the Power of Style by Bobbie Thomas, Style Editor for the Today Show.

This book makes an excellent reference book and serves as a reminder for women of all shapes and sizes, that they can wear color. The key: the shade of color that you choose is important.

To determine whether you are “cool”  ”warm” or a combination, take a look at your wrist on the inside of your veins.  If they are more blue than yellow tone, that tells you, you are a cool.

Cool colors have more blues and jewel tones, like the ocean such as this Simply Silk Aqua Burnout Tunic.


Warm colors have tones more like a sunset such as this textured print kimono jacket, also from Simply Silk.

To help you determine your color palette, you can also take white and ivory scarves and see which color “pops” and makes your features stand out more.

As Bobbie says, “It is all about the power of attraction.”

To find out more info from color to body type and determining which styles look best and the proportion between your shoulders and hips, check out this excerpt from The Power of Style.

Sep 5

With the unofficial end of Summer on Monday, we were doing an inventory of what we had in stock and what was coming in over the next month or so.

Transitioning from one season to another is easy if you do a wardrobe review and make a few small, but significant changes.

Summer Trend #1: The Hi Low Skirt such as this Art of Cloth Kelsey Skirt can be paired with a cardigan, scarf, tights and boots as the weather gets cooler.

The next trend that can transition very easily is the Neon Look such as this button blazer jacket from Neon Buddha.

The key to Neon for Fall is to tone it down a bit with textured, warm and cozy pieces. Try grey bottoms for a toned-down ensemble.

Have you gotten the Shoe of the Season yet? The Ankle Boot like this cute ankle boot from David Tate is the must have item.

So, don’t be sad that summer is over!  Take inventory and make this Fall your best season ever!


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More as it happens, Jodell

Jan 16

So, what did you think about the Golden Globes last night?

I thought that overall, we had mostly hits out of the ball park!

Best Supporting Actress Octavia Spencer for her role as Minny in The Help wore Tadashi Shojai a scene-stealer in a beautiful orchid-lavender dress. Prior to the awards show, Octavia mentioned that NOT ONE designer came to her to dress her and Tadashi dressed her for press tours to promote the Help and she wanted to show her appreciation.  I bet finding a dress for the Oscars will be different for her! What do you think?

Loved Melissa McCarthy’s dress by Badgley Mischka with her long, flowing  hair she looked very pretty!

We saw a lot of black, blush is still going strong and we had splashes of color in blue, yellow, green and purple thrown in for good measure.  As for the silhouette we saw very slenderizing looks with a few bows, feathers and fish tail trains.

Reese was just stunning in Red Carpet Red! Angelina in that white satin Chanel with the splash of red at the top that matched her lipstick.  Wow! I am a fan of Lorraine Schwartz who dressed 15 celebrities in diamonds and jewels! Lucky them!  The Oscars will be announced on Tuesday, January 24th at 8:38 am, during the Today Show! Can’t wait to see who will be nominated and what the attendees will wear!

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May 25

No, this is not about shoes..not really about fashion, although in a round about way, it is how you choose to present your platform…

So, did you watch? What did you think?


I laughed! I cried! I frantically looked at the clock and thought, “Please God. Stop Time. Now!”

So, what did Oprah teach you?

She taught me how to enjoy the journey of finding “my own platform.”  I spent my 20′s and 30′s trying to be comfortable with doing one thing and fitting into expectations of others.

The thing is, I realized that doing one thing does not reflect my different interests or personality.   So, I started to figure out what different aspects of my platform made me happy and worked to get there.

In one of Oprah’s last interviews she talked to Maddie Stepanek’s mother.  You remember Maddie, the boy with Musular Dystrophy, who spoke like a prophet?  According to his mom, Maddie’s last full sentence was, “Choose to inhale.  Do not breathe only to exist.” Whew!

My platform is teaching college students about business;  Black Cat Plus by finding clothes that helps women look their best while doing their best; this blog which serves as my voice,  and lastly, my consulting work for organizations which leaves me always seeking for a better way–finding a better ROI, a better way to market…a better way to communicate…

I am thrilled that my platform has many different stages, at almost 50, I am the busiest and most energized than I have ever been!

I have said many times, “Dress for Success.” Finding your signature style is the first step to presenting your platform to the world.

Embrace fashion as one of your best expressions of you.  Experiment!

Find the right outfit, have fun! Don’t worry about trends: focus on what looks good on you and accentuates your positive features.

And….know you can!

P.S. In case you were wondering as was I the whole time she was talkin’…That pink tassel bracelet with the diamonds..Lorraine Schwartz. On her FB page, Lorraine said, “Oprah, it was a great moment having you wear my bracelets during the finale. You looked beautiful and I loved the way the pink tassel diamond bracelet dangled! We all love you Oprah!!”

We can dream!

More as it happens, Jodell



May 19

Madison Plus says, “YES YOU CAN wear the latest fashions, be
privy to wearable celebrity looks and dress just like your friends.

Madison Plus has created an online destination for plus size women to be on the brink of fashion and rock the latest runway looks without feeling left out.

Madison Plus helps plus size fashionistas get dressed and find the latest options in her size.

You can shop the latest fashions, see what’s new, check out the blog, and style guides.  There is a wealth of information right at your fingertips!

While you are there, don’t forget to sign up to get the latest news.

Feb 24

We are going to do something a bit different this year for my most favorite night of the year!

Looking at current trends, I have come up with a short synopsis below along with a rationale as to why I think a particular style will grace this year’s Red Carpet at the Academy Awards.  The closer we get to Oscar time, I will update and see just how close I came to reality!

This year’s Oscar red carpet styles will have some definite themes and feature dresses in monochromatic neutral tones.  This look is so feminine with its soft tones and fabric which drapes beautifully to flatter any figure.  The draping affect hugs curves in all of the right places, no matter the silhouette and is definitely a keeper!

Photo:(Lionel Hahn/Abaca Press/MCT)

The focus on feminine continues as we have seen styles and silhouettes from the 1930′s and 1940′s which also has lace, just the right amount of feathers and embellishments.

This style is a classic and shows off a woman’s curves with a modern twist!

Minimal embellishment and every day glam, wear-able accessories with big rings and especially statement earrings such as these Kimberly McDonald earrings shown above on Kelly Osbourne which allows the focus on a pretty face and accentuates in all the right places.

Ok, let’s see how close I come to the real thing! More as happens!


UPDATE!!! Five  minutes to Oscar gotta run! But…Taken fashion on the Red Carpet to the Next Level, we saw Red, Red and more red! Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock; Reese in black and white, some lace… and the neutrals were taken to another level!~

Neutrals, with a twist!! Perfect!

We saw Hilary, Nicole, Kate, Mila, Celine, Michelle…so feminine and elegant!

Gweneth Paltrow’s sparkling Silver Metallic gown by Calvin Klein is so beautiful for the Red Carpet!

Photo Credit: Getty Images


Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty

Halle Barry in Marchesa nude and crystal encrusted corset gown with organza and silk ruffles.Beautiful!

Jan 17

I really loved the actresses’ collective tastes  this year.  Kudos to them and their stylists!

Black. Check.  Glitz, Green, check. More glitz, check.  Here’s something new–subdued, as in subtle shades of pink, from blush to barely there pink to me squinting at the television and saying, “Well then, what color is that?? Nude? Shell?”

Yup, more minimalism and simplicity and femininity. Perfect for the times!  Except Sandra, sweetie. You are like our sister, daughter, cousin, best friend all rolled into one. We WANT to see your pretty face. Cut the bangs. I know, I know,  what a difference a year has made for you. But, we worry constantly about you!  So, cut them! Just a tad! For us, please.

Scarlett Johansson in Elie Saab. My favorite. Maybe because it reminds me of a Fairy Princess dress. Leighton Meesler in Burberry. Diana Agron in J. Mendel. Carrie Underwood in Badgley Mischka.

I believe I love the hint of color most of all, because then the focus was on their faces and their hair style.  Did you also notice that there were minimal accessories?  Not ten bracelets dripping in diamonds with earrings that cost more than my house, car and all wordly possessions put together.

Interesting…I really loved the universally flattering simple elegant lines, low, low, low, backs and then to the opposite end of the spectrum, glitz with a hint of, what was that? Gasp,  the 80′s? Amber Riley of Glee and below, Anne Hathaway in her Armani Prive bringin’ sexy back dress. WOW.

Of course, the first thing I always ask myself is, “Well, would a plus size person wear that?” Well, except for the amazing January Jones Versace gown, Probably! And there’s a good chance we can get into something similar!  You remember the gown that January wore!  This one..

Photo Getty Images.

Note to self: Don’t feel bad, you never could wear something like that and no matter how much you try you never could even when you were four. Don’t stress.  This dress looked great on January. I even love her name.  (I was born in January. In case you want to send an email birthday wish, it is the 30th. :)

And, we really can take away some good style tips from the first show of the Awards Season!

Neutral tones, play up the face! Simple lines are always in style and can make any dress work. We can wear sequins and look awesome! Low backs, hmnn. Well, not as low as Miss Anne’s, but we can go low, to a point.  And, try a different color-such as Emerald Green?

Off we go to the Emerald City!  A very nice color and a very nice change. Take a look at Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace and Mila  Kunis in Vera Wang. Are those shoulder pads in Angelina’s dress?

So, grab your Golden Globe Grey Goose Cocktail and here’s a toast to Fashion!

Try this recipe from Grey Goose in Celebration of Style!

Grey Goose Le Fizz recipe:

An elegant and refreshing combination of Grey Goose vodka, fresh lime juice and elderflower, topped with ice cold soda.


1 oz Grey Goose vodka
1/2 oz Elderflower liqueur
1/2 oz Freshly-squeezed lime juice
Top up Soda water


Combine Grey Goose, elderflower liqueur and lime juice in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a champagne flute. Top with chilled soda water.

Can’t wait for the Oscars!

More as it happens! Jodell

Jan 6

I really love the drama of fashion photography and its ability to tell a story, don’t you?

Velvet d’Amour’s rendition of plus size fashion as an art form is a perfect example of fashion photography at its best.

In this dramatic, black and white photo spread for Plus Model Magazine, we are immediately drawn into another place and time.  We are intrigued as we get to know Islington Girl and Chole Marshall and Velvet d’Amour’s interpretation of a sexy vixen.

Once again, I am excited and encouraged to see a plus size model as the central figure in a fashion spread that captures the imagination and tells a story of not only fashion, but style.

Style is a trait that one can aspire to and have sooo much fun along the way.  Along with the images, I was inspired by a quote in the fashion spread from Edna Woolman Chase, the former editor of Vogue.

“Fashion can be bought.  Style one must possess.”

Psychologists tell us that style can be learned.  It is not an age or a size.  It is a combination of self-confidence and self knowledge–the essence of “who” you were, are, and intend to be.  Through style, we have the ability to create who we are and the part of ourselves that we wish to show the world.   Through style, we can sift through all of the clutter and find our inner self and take pride in showing the world our evolution of who we are—the work, the masterpiece, in progress.

Fashion is clothing, and simply a tool to exhibit one’s style.   Style is our universal, shared language that links us-regardless of age or size.

Here’s to dedicating the year to telling your story and creating your own unique style.

Great Work, everyone! More as it happens. Jodell


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