Dec 11

With the winter season upon us, it becomes very difficult not to simply bundle up in a pile of blankets and sit fireside watching cheesy romantic comedies. Although the digital age has enabled us to make this vision a reality by offering everything under the sun to be delivered right to your doorstep, we can’t live off of take-out meals forever. Besides, a lot of us need to leave the house to head to work, and some of us even like to add a social element to our lives (crazy, right?).

Venturing out into the cold is a necessary evil for the majority of us, and so is the investment in a solid winter coat. But shopping for the perfect coat can quickly become exhausting. With every store showcasing racks upon racks of wearable options, it’s easier to give up before you even begin. But worry not—I’m here to help. Dredging through the endless winter coat selections, I realized that there are four major tips to keep in mind when shopping for your body type. Certain coats are much more flattering on full-figured women, and I want you to be able to B-line for the style best suited for you, making your coat shopping experience quick and painful.

1. Decide on a Color

First and foremost, think about the color you’re OK with wearing a lot. Your outerwear will outshine the rest of your outfit. So, are you looking for a sassy, bold red? Or are you more of a classic black kind of girl? Knowing the color will be a great way to visually eliminate choices at first sight, and you can then begin to narrow down your prospects.

2. Pick a Length

Do you love calf-grazing styles or is a shorter option more your rhythm? When choosing which length is best for you, consider browsing sites with plenty of images as a good rule of thumb. In addition to hosting images to help you visualize the lengths of each piece, Woman Within also provides various style guides to further display how you’d actually look with a given outfit. The best part? You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home.

3. Find Your Shape

Perhaps the most difficult step of all, finding a shape that flatters your figure in all the right places can be daunting. But Glamour advises we look for A-line silhouettes in a non-bulky material, and I agree. These shapes cinch us in the waist and provide a pretty silhouette that looks great atop just about any outfit.
If you still need inspiration, take a look at some trench coat and swing styles, as seen on Heavy.

4. Do What Feels Right

If you can’t imagine yourself wearing a coat with at least three outfits, consider looking at other options. Buying a winter coat is an investment, and if its trendiness outweighs its practicality, you might not be happy with it in a month. At the end of the day, you’re the one who will be wearing it. If you don’t feel your best in a coat, wait until you find The One!

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Jan 3

As the new year begins, adopt a few fashion resolutions of your own.

Make sure you know your body type and find which styles, fabrics and embellishments work best for your type.

Don’t hide! Show off your curves! Make it your New Year’s Resolution to find pieces that will flatter your curves.   For a thicker waist,  try an asymmetrical tunic or a drop-waisted dress which accentuates your best features such as this Art of Cloth Camille Three Quarter Sleeve Dress.


For key pieces such as this Diane Kennedy Treasure Dress find a professional Tailor who you trust to make sure your outfit fits well in the bust, arms, length, and waist and to make sure it looks as great on the hanger as off!   

Dec 1

Tis the season for jeans!  Our preference for jeans has lasted over 100 years.  New fabrics and technology have made jeans the go-to garment in just about everyone’s wardrobe.  Did you know that denim jeans can be found in the wardrobes of 96% of U.S. female consumers who on average, own seven pairs of designer jeans according to Cotton Incorporated’s Retail Monitor™ survey.  Men own an average of six pairs.  It’s a fact that both men and women love jeans!  For women’s jeans, take a look at a classic such as bootcut jeans which can be worn with anything from heels to flats and paired with tunics to jackets for a flattering, timeless look.


Photo: True Religion

Front and center this season not only in designer jeans for women, but designer jeans for men feature embellishments such as zippers and embroidery.  You will also find that there are many different kinds of ripped jeans for women to choose from.  When selecting the right pair of ripped jeans be sure not to go overboard or you will risk looking grunge instead of glam.   The ripped style can be seen in just about every cut and dye so you will be able to easily find a pair that meets your taste and silhouette.  Be sure to pair your jeans with tops and accessories that do not overpower your overall look.  Skinny jeans for women can be worn by every shape and size.  The key to wearing the skinny jean is to pick a jean with the right amount of stretch.  Remember, the darker the color of denim, the more slimming the silhouette.


Photo: True Religion

True Religion has a wide selection of jeans for women – even extended sizes in some styles, including the skinny and bootcut jean styles.  So the men won’t feel left out, they will also find plenty of selections to choose from with True Religion Brand men’s designer jeans.



Dec 7

Along with the colder temperatures, for many people winter usually means dry, flaky, itchy skin. Those frigid temperatures mean we crank up the furnace which blows dry, heated air. Long, hot showers to thaw out cold extremities only serve to further dry out the skin, which is already subject to winter’s naturally low humidity levels.

Photo Credit: Douglas Brown CC-BY-NC-SA

Here are five great tips to counteract winter’s attack on skin hydration and keep your skin well-moisturized throughout the harshest season:


1.  Moisturizers: Choose creams over lotions

When moisturizing your skin, choose a cream instead of a lotion. Lotions are water-based and easily absorbed, while a thicker cream tends to create a seal that locks in moisture. The cream then provides an additional level of protection to the top layer of the skin. Select a moisturizing cream that is fragrance-free and be sure to apply it immediately after your shower before your skin has a chance to lose moisture.


2.  Avoid using perfumes

Fragrances can be an irritant to the skin. The alcohol in your favorite perfume will also dry out your skin and disrupt the skin’s own regulation process which helps it to maintain a healthy moisture level. If you do wish to use perfume, use it sparingly.


3. Change your shower habit for winter

This tip may be difficult for the shower lovers out there. Lowering the water temperature and shortening the length of time you spend in the shower will be a tremendous benefit to your skin over the course of the winter months. Baths and showers should be limited to no more than once a day for optimal skin hydration. In addition, using a moisturizing body bar will be gentler on your skin than a harsh soap.


4. Drink more water

One of the biggest factors in maintaining properly hydrated skin is hydration within the body – not only on the surface. One of the most effective actions you can take in the winter is consuming more water than you believe you need on a daily basis. The additional water will be absorbed by your cells as a replacement for the water lost to old man winter’s drying elements. There are some great online tools to help you determine how much water you should consume given your body type and health history.


5. Stay away from alcohol

During the holidays there is always a lot of toasting going on. But did you know consuming alcohol can negatively affect the appearance of your skin? If you really want to achieve maximum skin health during the winter, refrain from (or at least limit) alcohol consumption during the holidays.


6. Get your omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the essential keys to skin health. These fatty acids have a multi-faceted protective effect on the skin. They help to ward off the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) ray exposure, make hair shinier, and help to keep the skin well-hydrated. You can take in omega-3 fatty acids through supplements found in the natural foods section of the grocery store or pharmacy or at the health food store, or you can also get sufficient quantities by eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as fish (salmon, sardines, or halibut), walnuts, flax seeds, and tofu.

Winter skin doesn’t need to be that uncomfortable, dry skin that you may have become accustomed to. Take time to follow these six easy steps and you will keep your protective covering supple and glowing even through the season’s coldest days.


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Oct 26

A plus size woman does not need to wear shapeless dresses to hide her body. There are numerous fashion clothing that is aimed at making plus size women look fashionable and beautiful. Gone are the days when designers only designed clothes for lean and thin women. Now, many great designers are designing trendy clothes such as this Sympli Duo Dive top in Sangria for plus size women. So, as a plus size woman, you can now go with the fashion trends and showcase your style sense.

Plus size women need to dress themselves in a manner that accentuates the best parts of their body. For example, show off an hourglass shape with a belt, to put emphasis on your waist. This article offers some fashion trips to plus size women, which can help them to improve their style sense and be more on trend.

Focus on the shape of your body, not its size.

To be fashionable, the first thing important is that clothes should fit well. Many women who are heavier often go for clothes like over-sized tunics and shirts which covers their shape. But, fashion calls for clothes which perfectly outline and shape your body. So, do not go for over-sized outfits. Instead, try to wear fluid and flattering fabrics which make you feel comfortable and confident. Fashion for plus size women, actually means dressing for your body shape, and not its size.

Belted Tunics and Tops Outline the Shape of your Body

Embrace new Trends.

In order to be fashionable, it is important to welcome the new fashion trends and style with open arms. However, fashion for plus size women requires wise testing and experimentation. In case the lower portion of your body is larger in proportion to your top, try to incorporate some details on top such as wide lapels, frills and collars, and go for narrow clothing for the lower half of your body. Women who carry their weight in their stomach area and are an apple shape, should go for personalized outfits with lower necklines. You can also go for cheap tees hoodies which look quite trendy and stylish on all kinds of body shapes. If you wear the latest fashion clothing, keeping such things in mind, you would go with the fashion trends as well as look good.


Animal Prints Look Good on Plus Size Women

Incorporate accessories in your look.

Plus size women should go for fashion accessories and make them a part of their clothing. Go for accessories that compliment your outfit. Accessories can significantly make you look smart and ultra-stylish. Fashion is largely about putting your creativity into function and accessories can greatly help you to do so. Wear jewelry pieces that are unique, have catchy textures and colors, for attracting attention to your face.


Plus Size Shirts are quite Stylish

Follow closely the latest fashion trends.

Be a follower of fashion and also be rational. Latest fashion not only requires knowing the shape of your body and the style suiting your personality, but it also is about getting inspiration from others. Fashion deals with all the aspects that create the difference between “being well-dressed” and “being in-style.” Fashion has equal space for all kinds of body shapes. Fashion can be reflected on your body positively only if you are brave enough to try something new. Try to follow fashion websites, fashion blogs and the latest fashion magazines. They would give you numerous fashion ideas for plus size women.


Being a plus size woman would never be a hindrance to your looking beautiful and being fashionable. Plus size women have now created a special place in the world of fashion, with designers coming up with trendy and glamorous clothing for them for every season and every occasion.

Author’s Bio: Olivia is a renowned author who writes quality articles on fashion trends and various fashion clothes like Cheap Tees Hoodies . Her articles are highly informative and useful for the readers.




Aug 11


I am so honored to be a part of the Fashion Flash!

Winding down for the last weeks of Summer. At Black Cat Plus, we are getting ready for Fall! Exciting items coming in daily!

You get the best-of-the-best with these amazing women!  So,see below, for this week’s best from our fabulous bloggers as they talk about getting the most out of the last few weeks of Summer!

Kari from Fab Over Forty shares with us how she takes her summer beauty to fall beauty with her favorite beauty transition pieces.

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Summer winding down signals back to school. That means less time for morning beauty and skin care prep. Jackie Silver from has shortcuts every mom could use for school day – or any day – beauty.

Deb of No-Nononsense Beauty Blog explores a popular protein powder as a beauty food.




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Nov 5

All individuals regardless of his or her body shape and size like to appear fashionable. This is why the big names among the fashion brands have introduced a completely new selection of plus size clothing. With the introduction of the plus sized fashion, women of all shapes and sizes have the option of appearing hip and trendy at parties and social gatherings.

But, it is not enough to buy just any of the plus size garments to look good. You need keep a few important thing in mind to ensure that you look the best.

Tips on Plus Size Fashion

1.  On the very first hand what is important in deciding what to wear is your comfort level. There is no sense in comprising comfort-ability for the sake of looking fashionable. Remember that if you are awkward with your dress then all the effort you have put behind looking good, will be marred.

What is most important is your positive attitude. Fashionable items are available in abundance in the market. However, what is the use of buying them, if you cannot carry them well? When you appear in the party scene, you must radiate a positive energy! There’s nothing like a great outfit such as this Simply Silk Layer Dress to radiate energy!

2. There is a common notion among plus size women that they appear slimmer in black dresses.  While it is true that black is slimming, it is a good thing to try out different shades and colors. If you can carry various shades, they will obviously match your personality and enhance your style. Moreover, you will have a lot more options to experiment with. One of our favorite colors of the season is turquoise, such as this Neon Buddha turquoise top

3.  One special tip for women with slim legs, it would be wise to try out something like knee-length skirts and show them off.  But, what if your legs aren’t your best asset? You will have ample options regarding ways to cover them. You can rest assured that you will look pretty in them. For instance, evening gowns, long skirts or trousers obviously add a spark to your outfit. Check out these new Teez-Her Skinny Pants! These pants will make your legs and silhouette look fabulous! Great price too!

4. Pay attention to the shoes that curvy women can wear. Experiment as to which styles slim and show off your curves. You may want to look for a shorter, box heel, rather than a spike heel.

5.  People often tend to overlook the necessity of wearing perfect undergarments. They are very necessary.


We recommend our great line of Julie France and n-fini shapewear.

6.  You may want to take a tip from the rich and famous and have your garments tailor-made!

As a curvy woman, you will want to select your clothing and accessories carefully so that you will make the right choice for your shape and stay right in style!

Author’s Bio

Thanks to our guest blogger, Mary James for her tips on plus size fashion.

She has a vast experience in writing articles on Fascinators and other fashion related topics. In this article she has given us some great advice to follow for plus size fashion.


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