Jan 30

Here are the Black Cat Plus picks for Valentines Day!   Make your selections now!

The key trend this season is romantic lace. Take a look at Kiyonna’s Boudoir Lace Dress in Black.  It is our most popular dress. Our second most popular dress is the Lace Bodice Dress.   You can play it up with tasteful accessories and have a great night out on the town!

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Jan 30

When dressing for the most romantic day of the year, you want to look and feel your best while also giving a nod to this romantic holiday. Valentine’s Day is a holiday to look flirty and unforgettable, while also looking classy in something like this Ming Wang tunic and lady-like and appropriate for the occasion.

For plus-size women, don’t be intimidated by the styles and see what you can work to your advantage.  You’ll want to think out of the box as to which clothing trends will flatter and complement your curves and not get stuck wearing the same pieces that they bought years prior.

Colors to Wear

For Valentine’s Day, don’t be afraid to wear pink or red. If red or pink isn’t your best color, then opt for white or black, which are still great options for the holiday. Try finding a button-up sheer blouse that is romantic and sexy. How about a sexy dress with ruching in all the right places such as this Kiyonna Flaunt Cocktail Dress.

Pair a loose tank underneath to hide the goods, and accessorize it with some gold jewelry that makes you look your most attractive. You can also opt for large gold earrings, which many men find feisty and sexy.


Tasteful skirts are a perfect choice if you want to dress special on Valentine’s Day. They’re feminine, yet aren’t over the top, and timeless. Opt for something the doesn’t go higher than your fingertips when you put your hands down. Take a look at this Art of Cloth Bianca Jersey Mesh Skirt in Nickel and Maroon.

You can also wear a dress that is flowy and goes to your knees — some of the cutest will have large floral patterns that can be paired with a simple tank and cardigan. This screams girl next door and will make you look sweet.


When choosing the proper jewelry to wear on your romantic day, opt for charm bracelets in gold such as this 14k gold charm bracelet from Heavenly Treasures. These will look beautiful and can be paired with a large gold watch to match.


Valentine’s Day just isn’t the same unless you’re wearing a flirt perfume that subtly announces your arrival. Choose something romantic and sweet, like Ralph Lauren’s Romance or Chanel No.5. These are classy and beautiful scents that you can wear on a date or when going out for dessert. Any age of woman can wear them and they’ll still be appropriate and timeless.

Pants and Flats

If you feel in the mood to wear pants on this year’s Valentine’s Day then pick out a pair that are in a dark shade and not too heavy or serious.


We love these new flat front ankle pants from Comfy USA.

You can wear jeans as long as you dress them up enough with your top and a few accessories. Pair the jeans with some cute flats like Tory Burch or Kate Spade. For the flats, choose pink or red if you can, and if not go for the traditional black or red. This is another clothing item that will make you look like the girl next door.

Dress Options

Perhaps one of the most acceptable and appropriate clothing items to wear on Valentine’s Day is a beautiful dress. Something casual and knee-length is perfect, paired with flats or a heel. You can choose one with a simple, floral pattern or a lace that is flattering.

With a few flattering picks on what you’re going to wear on Valentine’s Day, you’ll feel festive and beautiful looking romantic. You’ll be able to enjoy your day, and maybe even flirt a little, too.


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Feb 13

This week’s host of the Fashion Flash is the Shoe Dish.
I love what the Shoe Dish has been “dishing” about among other things—Valentines Day Treats for your Feet.

The Shoe Dish is a website devoted to the love of shoes; shoe fashion, industry news, trendspotting, and the eternal devotion to a girls “other” best friend. You cannot go wrong with the latest in all things shoes from the Shoe Dish.  Be sure to check it out.

Happy Valentines Day! Hug Your Cat!–More as it happens!


Feb 5

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Jan 21

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