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Lingerie shopping can be a difficult process for anybody. There are just so many stores, so many sales, and so many actual pieces of clothing that it can all get quite overwhelming. Throw in the added concern of finding sexy and flattering options in the plus-size category and you can really have your work cut out for you!

Fortunately, there are plenty of amazing pieces of lingerie out there for us plus-sized women, and no, it doesn’t all have to come from specialty stores who cater to people with larger frames.  The options can come from just about anywhere, so long as you take the right approach and figure out a few strategies.

So without further ado, here are my four best tips for your next lingerie shopping spree.

1. Browse For Inspiration    Just as you might be getting ready to search through catalogues, websites, and fashion blogs to get a handle on upcoming fall fashions, why not take some time to browse for plus-size lingerie inspiration? Fashion, after all, can be contagious, and sometimes all it takes is seeing the right combination on someone with a similar body type to help you to realize what you might want to be shopping for in the first place!

I loved the approach taken by Bustle in an article about a year ago showcasing 13 “gorgeous and empowering” items. Instead of writing in vague terms about what a plus-size woman may or may not be comfortable wearing, the writer compiled a list of stunning photos of women with various body types showing off some really sexy looks (and also included the links to buy some of the clothes therein). In the end, they’re only 13 ideas out of the tens of thousands of lingerie combinations out there, but it’s not a bad place to start for inspiration.

2. Shop In Stores, Not Online        I know, I know… Online shopping is incredibly convenient. The selection is endless, and it often even winds up being the cheapest way to shoot. But it’s also by far the most difficult way to find a good fit, particularly for something as intimate as lingerie, which needs to be comfortable!

For this reason, I always recommend that people shop in stores for their undergarments, whether they be petite or plus-sized. You can try things on to your heart’s content, and while you may start to feel a little self-conscious after too much time in the changing room (I’m not sure why, but I sometimes do), it’s there for a reason. Try, try, and try some more until you find those perfect pieces that fit well, look good, and keep you comfortable.

3. Learn How To Flatter & Camouflage      Obviously the intent of most any lingerie purchase is to flatter, but after reading an article on how to choose lingerie by Adam & Eve, I started thinking of this in a different way. In that article there was a section on “how to camouflage problem bits,” and while I don’t love the characterization of any body part or type as a “problem,” the underlying idea is worth keeping in mind when you go shopping.

Basically, the idea is to find lingerie that might hide or conceal parts of your body you’re not particularly proud of – or- emphasize those bits that you’re very proud of! There are suggestions such as wearing a babydoll to flow low if you’re self-conscious about your hips or wearing bustiers or camisoles to emphasize a proud bust. It’s up to you how to address the specifics, but the concept of buying lingerie to show off your body exactly as you like – rather than just to fit well and generally look good – can take your unmentionables game to the next level!

4. Target Material You Trust    Cotton is kind of the gold standard for everyday wear, but if you’re like me, you kind of just wing it beyond cotton. I’ve never really had a go-to material. Given my preference for trying things on in person; if I like how it feels, I’ll go with it! I still support this general approach, but Plus Size Living’s article on plus-size lingerie selection tips got me thinking about being a little pickier in regard to materials.

They pointed out some of the more common sense things, like the comfort of silk and satin (or, as they put it, “make you feel like royalty”), but the observation that really caught my eye was that “sheer mesh… both conceals and shows off!” I’m not sure exactly what this means, but it made me consider the versatility of different materials in a new way.

So those are my tips! Best of luck on your next shopping spree.


Dec 19

I read an interesting post this week from Cece Olisa.  She talks about whether black women get some kind of “plus size pass.”  She talks about how harmful that is to women of color and unfair to generalize.

She says, “These plus-size pass rumors are dangerous. All women, including women of color, have body image issues. All women, including women of color, have to work to become confident in the skin they’re in.”

How true.  But now, what do we do about it?  How do we stop the passing on of untrue stereotypes? One step at at time.

We should all be talking about how important it is for each one of us to have our own definition of what positive body image means.

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Dec 9

The We. Women project is a wonderful project with wonderful photos.


The goal:  How is a “beautiful” woman defined?

Neringa Rekasiute’s photo spread attempts to answer this question.  Through her work she is trying to give women back their power to decide what qualities are inherent in a beautiful woman.


The project started with a sketch drawn by Beata Tiskevic, who is an actress and TV  host in Lithuania.

“Beata showed me this drawing of a woman looking into the mirror and there were words written on her body: the words which throughout her life she heard addressed about her ‘imperfect’ body. Beata and I had been discussing extensively how much Lithuania needs an empowering project for women,” Rekasiute said. This was it. “I told her, ‘We have to do it.’”

Using social media, the team invited women to share images of themselves in their underwear and to share their story.  Selections were made from those images and stories.  The photo shoot allowed the 12 selected women to confront their insecurities and  types of destructive behaviors such as bulimia, anorexia, fat-shaming, skinny-shaming, violence from men, and negative self-perception.  They wanted to bring women’s bodies into the forefront to see them in a different light.

I think the most important that the project does is to serve as a reminder that having a positive body image is empowering.


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Oct 14

A national survey conducted by plus size retailer, Sonsi revealed that the perception of her own body image is holding the plus size woman back.  The survey of 1000 women sizes 14+ pointed to a confidence gap.   While the majority of plus size women say they believe that beautiful bodies come in all shapes and sizes, fewer than half of the women surveyed embrace their own  curves.


gilleskleinFoterCC BY-SA

“With plus size women gracing the pages of leading fashion magazines as well as the runways at New York Fashion Week, curvy women should feel good that they finally have a voice,” said Kristin Mongello, Sonsi Director of E-commerce.  ”But surprisingly a majority of curvy women say they still lack the confidence to dress more fashionably.  It really comes back to body image.”

Interestingly enough, the survey also revealed that they prefer to find inspiration among their plus size peers and from plus size icons such as Melissa McCarthy.  They are embracing advertising, blogs and runway shows as well.

Sonsi offers a Curvy Quotient Test along with the on line Boost Your CQ resources will help them on their path to finding their own fashion style.

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Aug 30

Hair style and health of an individual – do they have any relation? Well, there is certainly a connection between the two. All women do not have the same physique and also not the same texture of hair. Some hair styles suit some women while others do not. Now, there are varieties of hair styles such as the Brazilian hair style, Peruvian hair styling and Malaysian hair styles.

The general concept is that all kinds of hair styles look good on all women. But this is not at all the case. Different types of hair styling also suits plus size women; only you have to know the trick of wearing and carrying it. Now, hair styles keep on changing and so is the look of the individual. Have you heard of hair extensions? These are much in fashion nowadays.

Hair Styling with Hair Extensions

Using hair extensions is a trendy way to have a makeover and also be in the fashion runaway. From celebrities to home makers, everyone is using the  help of hair extensions to change the style and volume of hair. With this growing trend, Peruvian hair extensions have become quite popular among women. Once , an Indian hair style was much in vogue but now the focus is being shifted to a South American, updated style.

Peruvian hair extensions are available in plenty of choices. So, you will surely find one suitable to your face shape and own style statement. No matter what your size is, you can look chic with Peruvian hair styling. Let’s review some tips of wearing the Peruvian hairstyle so that you look beautiful and it will show off your best features.

Tips to Select the Right Type of Peruvian Hairstyle

Have you seen Peruvian extensions? These hair extensions are naturally of dark shade and curly in nature. You can even dye the hair extensions, if you wish to. Want to have a more intense and brighter look? Bright color extensions are there for you.

  • Pick Peruvian hair extensions specifically of the “virgin” variety. This means that the hair does not have any treatment products or dye beforehand which in a way also implies that you can easily add all these things, of you wish to.


  • Examine properly whether the hair style is curly, since most of the Peruvian extensions are curly and those that are straight or wavy have the tendency to revert back to its curly nature, if exposed to moisture or humidity.


  • It is better to choose the extensions from one single donor. You can easily manage the extension having a matching donor. Give yourself a natural look with such extensions.

Therefore, if you keep all these tips in mind, you can style yourself in the most unique way.  Follow all these tips and choose the extension suiting your face shape and cut. You can be the cause of envy for the others in the crowd. Plus size women can look stunning with Peruvian hair styling!

Olivia Desouza is a talented, content writer. She writes articles on style and updated fashion. Her latest selection is Brazilian Hair styling and tips related to it.


Jul 19

A recent study conducted by Notre Dame’s Body Image and Eating Disorder Lab with women ages 8 to 25, who were observed looking at photographs of themselves, revealed that those who engage in ’fat talk’ – critical remarks in relation to eating, exercise or their own bodies – are less popular with other women.

DanimezzaFoterCC BY-NC-ND

When women were looking at the photos of themselves and making derogatory comments about themselves, whether overweight or not, were rated significantly less likeable by the women who were studying them.

In contrast, the women who were overweight yet made positive statements about their bodies were rated as more like-able.  It has been believed that women who engage in self-depreciating comments were seen as trying to fit in and level the “playing field” with other women, but this  body of research indicates that the sentiment may not  be universal.

Interesting to note.


Apr 23

I have just read the Power of Style by Bobbie Thomas, Style Editor for the Today Show.

This book makes an excellent reference book and serves as a reminder for women of all shapes and sizes, that they can wear color. The key: the shade of color that you choose is important.

To determine whether you are “cool”  ”warm” or a combination, take a look at your wrist on the inside of your veins.  If they are more blue than yellow tone, that tells you, you are a cool.

Cool colors have more blues and jewel tones, like the ocean such as this Simply Silk Aqua Burnout Tunic.


Warm colors have tones more like a sunset such as this textured print kimono jacket, also from Simply Silk.

To help you determine your color palette, you can also take white and ivory scarves and see which color “pops” and makes your features stand out more.

As Bobbie says, “It is all about the power of attraction.”

To find out more info from color to body type and determining which styles look best and the proportion between your shoulders and hips, check out this excerpt from The Power of Style.

Jul 5

Congratulations to the women who were crowned Miss, Ms., Mrs., and Teen Plus America!

Photo credit:
The winners from Left to Right are: 2012 Mrs. Plus America Kanesha Waits (TX), 2012 Ms. Plus America Kimberly Cecil (KY), Director Melissa Stamper, Miss Plus America Elite Makela Steward(WA), 2012 Miss Plus America Brianna Manning (OK), Miss Plus America Teen Maranda Zucati (WA)
In an interview with Nikea Young, Pageant Director Melissa Stamper spoke about the goals of the pageant to be happy in your own skin!
We need events such as this one to show that plus size women are active, attractive and ready to embrace new challenges.
She said, “One of the main questions I’m asked by media is, ‘How can you justify having a plus size pageant when obesity is so prevalent in society today?’ My response has always been that MPA is not about promoting obesity. It’s about being happy where you are. I will not sit in a closet and hide myself because some believe that my appearance negates my right to experience new things. That belief, in my opinion is prejudice in its purest form and unfortunately, one of the most tolerated in America today.

Great job and congratulations to all of the participants and for putting plus size in the news!

More as it happens


May 31

It is beach season and a time when some plus size girls and women tend to hide their bodies in cover ups at the beach. I watched with interest as plus size blogger, Gabi Gregg was interviewed on the Today Show about posting photos of plus size women in bikinis.

Image: xoJane

Gabi posted an image of herself in a bikini when she was on vacation and was amazed by the outpouring of positive and even some negative comments on wearing a bikini, which she calls, Fatkini.  Gabi encouraged other plus size women to send their vacation images to xoJane because she wanted to show more people that all women, regardless of weight or size, can be happy heading to the beach.

Gregg said it was important for women of all shapes and sizes to embrace their bodies. She encouraged her readers to embrace what they have. “Don’t let body shame keep you from having a good time!” She wrote on her blog.

Great idea! What do you think?

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Apr 19

This Spring, you will love, love love the array of colors! We are looking at bright colors that pop!  This Spring is the perfect time to incorporate color into your wardrobe!

Royal blue, Violet, Yellow, Green and Coral are the go-to colors this season.

Take a look at this Crossroads Blazer in  Turquoise and Coral from Neon Buddha. With the wonderful color and jeweled buttons, this is the perfect blazer to take you from daytime to after-hour festivities.  A great example of the colorful brights we are seeing this season!

So, don’t be self-conscious to wear color! For the next few seasons, colorful separates and dresses are all you will see!  I compare wearing colorful clothing to getting used to wearing a RED lipstick shade. Most of us who wear make up, started off by wearing more subtle lipstick shades and as we got used to having some color on our lips we were able to deepen the color and perhaps back off the intensity of color on our eyes and cheeks so that we can play up one feature!

The same principle applies to your wardrobe! Start off with perhaps with an accessory or two and move to a colorful tunic and then, perhaps bottoms, like the ever popular colored denim we are seeing out now.

Remember, plus size women do not have to be banished to wearing dark colors anymore. It is a myth and it is outdated thinking and we need to stop it. If you have worn basic, neutral colors start with my suggestion to focus on accessories and then move to clothing pieces.

Spring is the perfect time to start!

Happy Shopping!



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