Workout in Style with these Plus Size Clothing Picks!

I have worked out for almost 30 years.  I am very proud of that fact!

As I strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle–a never ending battle by the way, I am always amused when trainers act surprised that I can move as well as I do or have the strength that I do.  My routine is not perfect, but I always do my best to push myself and get a good workout each day.  Some days are better than others.  I also engage a personal trainer from time-to-time to learn a new skill or to help me get out of my old routine.  The best thing about exercise–when I am done!

I have done it all over the years: starting out in my 20′s with the old aerobics-style classes and then later on adding, kickboxing, pilates, yoga, hip hop (I could not stop laughing), spinning, ab lab, drums alive (at 8:00 AM that did not last very long), total body, and most recently kettle bell workout.  I have found it is just important to keep moving and so, I do my best to keep moving at least four times a week.  For an hour each day.  I do strength training at least twice a week and some form of cardio every day.

Photo credit: jo-hFoterCC BY

I feel more comfortable at an all-women’s gym, I have worked out with the boys as well.  But, it is more fun to sweat with the girls!  I vary from going to classes to working out on my own.  It just depends upon how I feel that day.

I am often asked where I get my workout clothes as I have found that having bright colored clothes make me look forward to working out.  I love it when the regular size women ask me where I get my clothes!   My tank and short-sleeve tops come from Neon Buddha–all 15 of them! I have several different styles to match the season and mood.  I love all cotton with a bit of spandex so I can move and breathe!

My leggings and capris come from Diane Kennedy like these cafe leggings.  I love the way they feel.  They never, ever fade, lose their shape or wear out.  So, start moving! Summer is the perfect time.  Walk around your neighborhood. Join a gym.  Just keep moving in style!

Check out some great workout tips from the No Nonsense Beauty Blog!

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3 Responses to “Workout in Style with these Plus Size Clothing Picks!”

  1. [...] Jodell of Black Cat Plus helps  you exercise in style with on trend plus size work-out [...]

  2. [...] Jodell of Black Cat Plus helps  you exercise in style with on trend plus size work-out [...]

  3. 30 years is a very long time. I am impress. I have been doing yoga and aerobics for almost 10 years and they are the most fulfilling activities I have. Great selection of clothes. I hope you can also take a look at mine.

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