How To Prevent Tooth Decay In Cats

We all know that cats are great at taking care of themselves. They can lick their bodies clean and even know how to make sure that they stay out of the dirtier parts of the house. This is of immense comfort to those who love these furry little friends of ours, but there is a need to look beyond what your cat can do with its tongue and paws. Cats, just like humans, need great dental grooming to stay feet. They will do a lot of things for themselves, but you can be sure that they won’t reach between their teeth to clean them.

In this post, we’ll look at ways of preventing problems related to food decay from arising;

Give the pet the right food
Ignore the myth that suggests you should give your cat dry food. The reason is that unlike dogs, cats have very brittle teeth and do not take time chewing food. The larger the pieces you give them, the higher the chance that they are going to suffer a case of food stuck between teeth. The best food for your cat is the canned or raw variety. Practice and experience show that cats need food that has moisture as water is known to discourage the formation of plaque.

Regular visits to the vet
If possible, subject your cat to regular visits to the pet. Once a year is a good place to start. However, experts advise that for cats older than five years, then two visits a year would suffice. A professional will be interested in taking a look at the dental condition of your cat. After evaluation, you will receive guidance on the right choices to make to maintain their teeth and gums. If there are major issues of concern, the cat will be placed on medication immediately.

Brush their teeth
Cats will not want you to clean their teeth, but you will need to do it anyways. There is a wide range of brushes that could be used for this type of activity, and you can get these pieces almost anywhere. You will need to break the cat into the process when it’s young so that its level of trepidation decreases over time. If you didn’t start out when the cat was still a kitty, then do not worry; there will be a few problems here and there, but older cats have also been known to learn to stay still during brushing.

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