Tips for Grooming Long Haired Cats

As a proud owner of a feline, you know that proper grooming is a must; but, for cats with long hair, you need to do a little more taming and caring for your pet, than for those with a shorter coat of fur. So, what should you know when it comes to the grooming? These are some things to keep in mind when you are grooming a long-haired cat at home.

Tools are key –
The right tools are essential; for example, you need a thinner, fine-tooth comb for the undercoat when brushing your cat. A flea comb should be used for areas with shorter fur, and a wire slick brush will help detangle and remove dead fur. Regardless of the shears, you use, and grooming equipment you purchase, you need quality, well-made grooming supplies for your cat’s grooming needs.

Begin young –
You can begin grooming your cat as young as eight weeks, and it is best to do so. The earlier you start, the easier their hair/fur is to maintain. It not only grows in evenly, but it isn’t as likely to tangle, shred, or otherwise tear/fall off. Your cat’s fur is softer, and it is easier to manage when you begin at an earlier age.

Work all areas of the body –
You can’t simply focus on the back or belly; you have to groom the entire pelt. From head to tail, you want to work with the proper grooming equipment when you choose to groom your long-haired cat at home. The armpits and abdomen are often forgotten, so make sure you focus on these areas as well.

Build trust –
Your cat doesn’t want to sit there and allow you to groom them; especially if the fur is tangled, it will hurt when you are combing them. So, begin slowly. Work through their fur slowly, talk to your pet, let them know what you are doing, and if you see they are whimpering or whining, take a short break. It will not only build trust, but will make your life much easier, and your cat’s fur is going to look well-groomed and shiny at all times.

No matter what the breed, with longer hair, you have to know what precautions to take when you are grooming your cat at home. So, for new owners, or those who are new to grooming at home, these are a few basic tips to consider when you are just getting started and buying proper equipment for grooming.

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